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Step 3: Admission process for incoming students

Step 3 involves the admission process for exchange students – from the submitted application to the start of the semester. 

Processing submitted applications

When the application period has closed, the relevant administrator is responsible for making sure that the received applications are correct. Incomplete applications can be complemented by you in your capacity as the system administrator.

Admission to courses

LINK is constructed to handle electronic course requests. When the application period is closed, the staff member responsible for the call will send a message through LINK to the teaching/administrative staff responsible for reviewing student qualifications and admitting students to courses. As an administrator, you can follow the process and see which of your students are deemed qualified and if they can be admitted. Should a student need to change a course, you can revise the student's application and send an email to the course director. Once the student has been admitted to the number of courses sufficient for enrolment at Lund University, you can mark the student's entire application as admitted, and proceed with the process.  

Letter of acceptance

The Letter of Acceptance (LoA) confirms that the student is officially admitted to exchange studies at Lund University. This is an official decision that, apart from admission to LU, is needed to apply for a residence permit, gain access to Studentlund, and for scholarship applications and insurance in the home country etc.

When the letter of acceptance has been sent, the University as a public authority is responsible for ensuring that the student's study needs are met in accordance with the agreement with the partner university. The letter of acceptance should be sent no later than November for studies starting in January and no later than May for studies starting in August. Remember that the letter of acceptance may need to be sent earlier if the student will need to apply for a residence permit or visa.

The electronic letter of acceptance is sent directly to the student through LINK and this is considered valid when the student applies for a visa or residence permit for studies in Sweden. The administrative officer at Student Experience and Mobility will send a list of all admitted students to the Swedish Migration Board to facilitate the process. 

Ladok: identity, courses and student account

In connection with the student being admitted in LINK and receiving the letter of acceptance, information will be generated that forms the base on which the Ladok identity is created. Admitted students will be exported from LINK and sent to Ladok for registration by administrators at Student Experience and Mobility at the External Relations division. The exporting date is usually in mid November/May. The exact dates will be announced by External Relations.

After the LADOK registration, the international coordinator has to add both the exchange package and the expected participation to all the courses that his/her own students have been admitted to. This is also done for the following courses:

  • SUSA - Introductory Language Swedish Course
  • SVE - Continued Swedish Language Course
  • SAS - Special Area Studies

Read more about SUSA and SVE courses
Read more about SAS courses

Contact LADOK support if you have any questions.

When the student has been registered in Ladok, a student account will be created. The account includes a student email address and gives access to the Student Portal, Live@Lund and several other systems within the University. Log-in information will be sent to the email address provided by the student in the application.

Read more about LU ServiceDesk

Pre-arrival information

Pre-arrival information contains practical information before arriving at Lund University. The information that is sent out is put together by the International Desk each semester. 

See pre-arrival information

Is there any information that you are missing from the pre-arrival document?
Please contact Sara Westman sara [dot] westman [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se at External Relations, telephone +46 46 222 01 71.

Residence permits and visas

Admitted students with non-EU/EEA citizenships are required to have a residence permit for staying in Sweden for more than three months. Students from some countries also need visas. Letter of Acceptance will be sent to students who will be accepted for full-time studies i.e. 30 credits per semester. When the student have received the letter of acceptance, he/she can apply for a residence permit on the Swedish Migration Agency website. It is also possible to apply for a residence permit at the nearest Swedish embassy.

Read more about residence permits and from which countries a visa is required on the Swedish Migration Agency website 

Questions regarding migration issues?
Contact Louise Corrigan, coordinator of migration issues at Lund University: 
louise [dot] corrigan [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se

Kammarkollegiet insurance “Student IN”

All incoming exchange students are covered by the Kammarkollegiet insurance “Student IN” and are guaranteed insurance starting two weeks prior to the start of the semester and lasting until two weeks after the end of the semester, in accordance with the letter of acceptance (LoA). The student will not automatically receive a separate certificate of insurance, but it can be issued upon request. A template for the certificate can be found in LU Box.

Read the terms of the Kammarkollegiet insurance Student IN (in Swedish)

Read about how to process insurance claims of incoming students on the page Support for incoming students

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