Step 3: Applications to partner universities and preparing for departure

Applications and nominations to partner universities

Admission to exchange studies in Ladok

The nominated student shall be admitted to exchange studies in Ladok. This is processed by the respective administrator. Contact Ladok if you need authorisation to access. University-wide places will be processed by an administrator at External Relations. Instructions can be found in LU Box.

Nominations to partner universities

The administrator will nominate students to host universities. Please note that students who have received an exchange study place at a university with a University-wide agreement will be nominated to the partner university by an administrator at External Relations.

Nominations to partner universities can be done in various ways, for example, online through the host university’s admission systems, by email, or through a certificate attached to the application documents. Find out what applies at the respective host universities.

Applications to partner universities

There are various ways to submit applications to partner universities – online or on paper that is then sent or scanned and emailed. Different universities require more or less effort from the administrator. Find out what procedures apply for partner universities that have an agreement with your faculty.

For University-wide exchange study places students receive guidance through the application process by administrators at External Relations – usually in the form of information meetings, review of application documents and email correspondence.

Language tests and language certificates

Some universities require students taking a language test, e.g. TOEFL or IELTS. In some agreements the language test requirement has been waived. You will find information about this in the university info sheets in Link. In other cases, the language test requirement has been replaced by a certificate from Lund University or presenting final school grades (VG or C).

Students book times for language tests themselves. It takes about three weeks to get the results. Students can usually complement their application with the results from the language tests after it has been submitted, but for some University-wide partner universities, the test results must be submitted together with the application, for instance the University of Connecticut.

Erasmus students will take a language test for self-evaluation online, before departure and after the return home.

Read more about TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language
Read more about IELTS – International English Language Testing System
Read more about the Erasmus language test and language course

Course selection and credit transfer

Before applying to a host university, students must consider the partner universities’ restrictions and avoid selecting restricted courses. It is the responsibility of the students to have their course selections approved by the study advisor/programme director at the home department for later credit transfer.

Within Erasmus+ and for some partner universities outside of Europe a Learning Agreement is required. This is a three-party agreement on course selection and credit transfer between the student, Lund University and the partner university. See general template for Erasmus Learning Agreement. There might also be faculty-specific Learning Agreements. Find out about what applies at your faculty.

Erasmus+ Learning Agreement (Word 141 kB, new window)
Attachment to Learning Agreement (Word 81 kB, new window)
Learning Agreement guidelines for coordinators (Word 172 kB, new window)

Certified bank statements, and financial statements from CSN

Some universities require students to present proof of means to support their stay abroad through certified bank statements, or financial statements from CSN. Financial statements are requested by the students themselves. Certified bank statements are required by several universities in North America. The certified bank statement must be written by the banker in English (a personal account statement will not suffice). The certified statement shall show that the amount required by the partner university is available in the account. An alternative is to attach a certified bank statement of a family member and a letter stating that said family member intends to pay for the student’s living expenses. 

See information for students – before departure at (in Swedish)

Before departure


The documents needed for the student’s visa application are generally sent out together with the letter of acceptance. The student is responsible for applying for a visa and all costs. All questions regarding the processing of visas are referred to the respective embassies. We recommend that students start the visa application process as soon as possible since some visas can take several weeks.


All outgoing exchange students from Lund University are automatically insured by the Kammarkollegiet combined insurance “Student OUT” provided that there is a valid agreement between Lund University and the receiving partner university (also applies to internships and field studies). The insurance is only valid in the country of study from two weeks before until two weeks after the exchange period (including the Orientation Programme and exam period). The administrator at LU will issue an insurance card/certificate for the student. Cards can be ordered from the contact person at Kammarkollegiet at Lund University. Certificates of Student OUT insurance from Kammarkollegiet are available in LU Box.

Concerning expenses for medical treatment or loss of property, the student needs to fill in a claim form and attach the original receipts. These documents should be sent to the administrator who will attach a signed copy of the valid agreement confirming that the student is covered by Student OUT and then forward all documents to Kammarkollegiet. Students are recommended to call Falck Global Assistance from abroad before seeking medical assistance or rebooking their tickets, to avoid problems with compensation afterwards. Contact information for Falck can be found on the insurance certificate and card.

Please inform students that the insurance does not include legal protection if they violate the laws of the host country. There have been cases where students have broken the laws of the host country by bathing in a waterfall. What might seem like a minor offence to a Swedish person is punishable by law in for example Thailand.

Some partner universities require that students are insured through their university insurance. LU has been able to remove this condition in some cases, but for some universities it remains. Information about added costs can be found in the info sheets in LINK. Students will have to pay for the extra insurance themselves.

Read the terms of the Kammarkollegiet insurance Student OUT (in Swedish)


Students should check which vaccinations are needed in the host country and any other country that they plan on visiting. Also advise them to bring a list of which vaccinations they already have (yellow card).

See the global vaccination guide (in Swedish)

The Time to Go-folder

In the Time to Go-folder you can find useful information before departure. The folder is produced by External Relations.

Download the Time to Go folder

Erasmus+ and Nordplus scholarships

Exchange student nominated for exchanges within Erasmus+ and Nordplus can apply for scholarships.

Read more about Erasmus and Nordplus scholarships

During the stay abroad

Self-registration in Ladok at the start of the semester

During the exchange period abroad, the student is still officially a student of Lund University. At the start of the semester at the host university, the student will need to register their commenced exchange studies in the Student Portal.

Semester registration for programme students must be done in Ladok before students can register the start of their exchange studies. Semester registrations are usually done by the departments, but at some faculties the students themselves have to register.

Student ambassadors

Students who are out on exchange studies are representatives of Lund University and play an important part promoting LU. The objective is to recruit exchange student as well as tuition fee-paying students. Being a student ambassador at the host university’s Study Abroad Fair should be considered an obligation. As an administrator you are responsible for contacting students and sending them information materials. Students are also expected to be present if a delegation from Lund University visits the partner university.

Read more about how to represent Lund University in the best possible way as a student ambassador (in Swedish)



Read more about Ladok

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