Step 4: Processing students who have arrived at LU

Step 4 involves processing students who have arrived at Lund University up until they are awarded their grades after completing their studies.

Arrival Day and Orientation Weeks

Arrival Day is the day when all international students are encouraged to arrive because then they will be offered some extra services, e.g. being escorted from Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup) to the Central Station in Lund , through the Arrival Day venue and finally to their student accommodation. Arrival Day is organised by External Relations. The dates vary, but it usually takes place 10 days before the start of the course in August/January. The exact date will be announced by External Relations. On Arrival Day, students will receive a welcome package containing the Student Guide, schedule for the Orientation Weeks, a map, and more.

Read more about the activities during Arrival Day

See dates for Arrival Day

See the Student Guide for answers to most of the new students’ questions

Pre-Registration Day – reviewing the study plan

The Orientation Programme includes a Pre-Registration Day when the student will meet with the administrator to review their study plans and see which courses the student is admitted to or on a waiting list for and to receive information about the specific faculty and department. The administrator is the person who signed the student’s letter of acceptance.

Transcript of records

The administrator is responsible for ensuring that the student receives their transcript of records after completing their studies. The transcript is printed from Ladok. The following active choices need to be made when printing:

  • it shall be printed in English
  • include all courses and creditings
  • show grading table
  • in the 'Fritext' field, write your name and position

The transcript shall be signed by the administrator and stamped. Different faculties have different procedures regarding whether the transcript shall be sent directly to the student or to the administrator at the partner university.


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