Doctoral candidates and union support

The Lund Doctoral Students’ Union

The Lund Doctoral Candidates’ Union provides advice, information and support throughout your time as a doctoral candidate. The union organises doctoral candidates at seven of the University’s eight faculties: Humanities and Theology, Law, Science, Social Sciences, Economics and Management, Medicine, and Fine and Performing Arts.

Lund Doctoral Students’ Union website

Engineering Students’ Union TLTH

At the Faculty of Engineering, the doctoral candidates are organised by the Engineering Students’ Union TLTH.

Engineering Students’ Union website 

The Swedish Association of University Teachers – SULF

SULF, the Swedish Association of University Teachers, is a union organisation dealing with issues concerning the salary conditions and professional situation of university teaching staff, researchers and doctoral candidates. The SULF website features information for doctoral candidates on everything from legislation, supervision, practical advice and unemployment benefits.

SULF website 

ST the Union of Civil Servants

ST – The Union of Civil Servants is the largest union within the state. It’s members work for state agencies, companies employed by the state, universities and colleges.  ST organizes among others doctoral candidates and works with issues regarding doctoral education. ST All employees of Lund University are welcome as members, regardless of your education or position.

ST website for PhD-students (eng)

ST website for membership (eng)