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Extracting reports and CVs

the art of extracting information from LUCRIS
LUCRIS offers an advanced search and filter function for publications, projects, researchers and activities by person, group, project or organisational level.

There are many ways to re-use the information registered in LUCRIS: for the individual researcher, via CVs of various kinds, for the head of department/research manager, through compilations of various types of information, but also centrally, by highlighting how LU’s external engagement is reflected in the diversity of research-related assignments registered in LUCRIS.

What can I get out of LUCRIS?

CVs - Curricula Vitae in a flash

An individual researcher can create one or several CVs adapting the information and content to different target groups.

Read more on how to generate CVs in LUCRIS

Reporting on research projects

For a research project, reporting is largely based on actively updating the project information and using the function in LUCRIS called 'Relations'. For each entry of information in LUCRIS, make sure that the item is marked as related to the research project.

Read more about how to update and create research projects in LUCRIS

The project will get its own page in the research portal and each post entered as related to the project will be connected to it.

Reporting on research teams and units

A research team or unit must be entered in LUCAT and thereby recognised as part of LU’s organisational structure.

Read more about how enter research teams in LUCRIS in the FAQs on the research projects page

To generate a list of items, such as all research output published by the research team, you conduct a search within LUCRIS.

Read more about how to extract documentation from LUCRIS

Reports for heads of department, research managers, etc.

Through LUCRIS, you can extract standardised research reports and various types of statistics on the department, research team or project level, for funding bodies or other target groups.

Read more about how to order reports from LUCRIS

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