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Creating a CV

- use the information you entered to create a neat CV in an instant
You can re-use all the information you have entered into LUCRIS in the Curricula Vitae module, including profile information, research output and research-related activities.

The CV module aims to make it easier for people who have entered information in LUCRIS to quickly and simply generate tailored extracts and CVs about their research. You can choose whether to include all information or only selected parts.

How do I generate a CV in LUCRIS?

  • Log in to LUCRIS
  • Click the `+’ which appears when you run the mouse over the module Curricula Vitae to the left once in LUCRIS
  • Select one of the CV formats:
    Read more about the various CV formats available.
  • Click the fields you wish to include.
  • You can edit the CV content and then save it in various formats, such as Word or PDF. It is best to edit the layout once you have saved the content in Word, for example.

A short film about how to create CVs in LUCRIS

Why are there lots of different CV formats?

There are several different CV formats in LUCRIS, to satisfy different aims and purposes. Read more about them here:

Private CV

This CV is only in your LUCRIS profile and not visible on the Research Portal. You can generate several private CVs and adapt them to different target groups, e.g. one for each funding body to which you usually apply, tailoring the content to the relevant target group.

Public CV

Appears under its own tab called 'CV' on your profile on the Research Portal. The CV becomes downloadable for external visitors. You can only create one public CV.

Highlighted CV

Select the publications you wish to highlight in your overview page in the Research Portal. The CV will be scanned and show the publications on your personal profile in the portal; if you do not create a CV with selected content, your latest publications will be shown. You can only generate one highlighted CV.

A short film about how to create a Highlighted CV


NIH Biosketch CV / Canadian Common CV / EuroPass CV

A selection of CV formats are available in the system; so far, there is no standard national CV in Sweden, but we are working to include more CV formats in the system.

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