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Extracting documentation and reports

research in figures
LUCRIS offers a series of ways to generate compilations and, to a certain extent, visualisations of LU research.

If you have a LUCAT ID, you can easily log in to LUCRIS and search among all the information entered into the system. Note that by searching directly in LUCRIS, you access more information than when searching in the external portal. The difference between the information available in the portal compared with 'back-end' in LUCRIS is that some information and certain files may only be available back-end because of settings decided by the researcher who registered the information. In addition, there is information in LUCRIS about a continuously growing number of research-financed contracts which are not visible in the external portal. You can find them under the 'Awards' module.

Read more on how to search for and produce documentation

Read more on how to search for and produce reports

Search for and produce documentation

Anyone can search for information in LUCRIS by going in and searching in a module. For example, you can retrieve a list of all the publications from a certain year by a certain research team.

How to search for information in LUCRIS:

  1. Go to the Research Output module, click on the module name (not on the little '+', as that tells the system you want to add information)
  2. Under the search box in the middle, click off the 'My Content' search filter, so that you are now searching among all research output entered into the system and not only your own
  3. Click the little funnel followed by a + sign.
  4. Select the relevant filter, to find a research team, select the 'Organisations' filter.
  5. Select any other filters or delimitations you want to apply.
  6. Click the symbol next to the number of hits visible in the upper left-hand corner under the search box, select which outputs you want to save/export.
  7. Select the format in which you want to save the list, at the bottom under 'Download list:'

Search for and produce reports

The difference between documentation and reports is that a report allows you to run more advanced searches and to combine information from different modules. In order to produce a report, you need to have a certain administrative role. If you are interested in a particular report, please contact LUCRIS support.

The LUCRIS working group for the report module

There is currently an expert group under LUCRIS administration, the "LUCRIS working group for the report module", which can be reached via the support or by contacting your faculty representative:

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Contact the LUCRIS support

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