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Applying for an administrative role

the roles available and how to apply for one
To act as administrative support, you sometimes need a specific role in LUCRIS to facilitate the review, editing and management of information within a specific organisational unit.

There are various different roles you can apply for in LUCRIS. Most roles are of an editing nature, which means that they are based on two things: a specific module and an organisational unit. For example, you can apply for the role of editor for personal profiles within your specific organisational unit; if you want to be authorised to edit activities as well, you must apply for a separate role to do so.

There are also administrator roles which are global, i.e. that enable you to edit all entries in LU within a specific module – these are not handed out, but you can contact someone with this level of authorisation through the support function.

Please contact the support if you would like to know more about the different administrative roles.

Apply for administrative authority/role in LUCRIS

1. Apply to the faculty representative in the LUCRIS faculty-wide working group (LÖAG) or to another person appointed by the faculty. Applications are best done via LUCRIS support.

The representatives in LÖAG are:

2. In your application, specify which level of authorisation you are applying for and for which organisation (activity unit) it is to apply.

3. The application is approved and the role is added to LUCRIS by the Administration group.


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