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Module for describing and highlighting infrastructures

The purpose of the module 'Infrastructure' is to improve the overview, visibility and exposure of the University’s many infrastructures, such as instruments or physical and digital collections.

The ambition is to make it easier to display available infrastructures, which could lead to improved utilisation of resources, enable new collaborations and form the basis for better decision-making on funding.

Adding or removing infrastructures

It is the faculties, not individual researchers, who decide which infrastructures are to be in the register, via the respective faculty's infrastructure council or equivalent.

The information entered in LUCRIS has been obtained through a survey (2017-18) of infrastructures at all faculties at Lund University. Inspection of the register takes place approximately every two years. If you want to add a new infrastructure or remove an old one: contact the LUCRIS administration for what information is to be submitted and what the continued management at your faculty looks like.

Who can edit information about an infrastructure?

When a new infrastructure is added, the person in charge is connected to it with the role manager in LUCRIS and some basic information is added from the start. Those added with the role manager can edit, but not those who are added only as contact person.

It is also possible to delegate the rights to edit an infrastructure, the person then needs to be given the role Editor of infrastructure. It can be applied for via the LUCRIS support.

The one in charge of an infrastructure should:

  • Make sure the information is up-to date, by reviewing and adding information.
  • Make sure visibility is set to Public. The visibility in the portal has nothing to do with who can and may use the infrastructure, even those who are closed to others can be highlighted and shown as an example of how we work at LU.

Research portal - Find Infrastructre

The Infrastructure module is placed under the 'Editor' tab. Click Infrastructure followed by 'My infrastructure' to see a list over which infrastructure/s you can edit.

Open the form by clicking the name of the infrastructure.

Where to edit Infrastructures in LUCRIS.
Where to edit Infrastructures in LUCRIS.

Fields with a red asterisk are mandatory, for example the title field. Other fields are used to describe the infrastructure as comprehensively as possible. Add information to the extent that it is applicable to the infrastructure described.

Since all new infrastructures are entered centrally, some fields (for example the mandatory ones) will have some basic information from the start. Make sure to describe the infrastructure as much as possible by updating the pre-completed information and adding in the empty fields.


Pre-completed, make corrections as necessary.


May be pre-completed. If not, add the acronym if such exists.

Name of national/international infrastructure this belongs to

Add other national or international infrastructure of which your infrastructure is a part. The infrastructure's 'parent node' is added if your infrastructure belongs to another LU infrastructure organisationally or hierarchically. In that case, this information is added further down under Hierarchy. 


Description of the infrastructure. Links in running text does not work well, instead place these under “Links” found further down the page.

Equipment and resources

Description of the equipment and resources included. Add a description if the field is empty.

Digital and physical collection

Description of physical or digital collections belonging to the infrastructure.

Services provided

Description of the service provided in relation to the infrastructure. If the infrastructure lacks specific service, the field can be left blank, otherwise add a description.

Management of the infrastructure

Description of how the infrastructure is managed.


This field is currently not in use.

Persons and organisations

With the 'Add organizational unit' button, you add the units responsible for the infrastructure. There may be several, but it refers to those who manage the infrastructure, not those who use it.

With the 'Add person' button, the person responsible for the infrastructure is added or changed. The person should have the role of Manger. The person who is added as manager also automatically appears as a contact person under 'Access to infrastructure', which also can be changed.

Infrastructure managed by

Only one unit can have the organisational responsibility for the infrastructure in LUCRIS (update data, etc.). This responsibility is set with this field. The unit should correlate with the organisational affiliation of either the manager or the administrative manager of the infrastructure.

Access to infrastructure

The person added as manager also automatically appears as a contact person. Can be changed to someone else or add additional people. Address, telephone number, e-mail and different types of links are also added here.

Available for loan/booking:

Set a value or update any pre-completed information. Complete with the terms of use, details of loan, use or booking in the Terms of access field. It is mandatory to set a status.


Possibility to add a picture of the described infrastructure.


Add any superior (also registered) infrastructure at LU. Several subordinate objects can be linked to the same superior infrastructure. Used to create relationships with any other registered infrastructures of which your infrastructure may be part.


Fields for different types of classifications. Modify or supplement as needed. Add values in the fields that lack information, when applicable.

UKÄ Subject classification

Subject classification according to UKÄ, the same list as for other content in LUCRIS.

Faculties involved

One or more faculties that finance the infrastructure. Do not add faculties that use the infrastructure.

Type of infrastructure

Multiple choice field with Description of the nature of the infrastructure.

Annual turnover (last calendar year)

Indicate last year’s turnover. Select a value from the interval options.

Degree of recognition

Indicate the geographical scope of the infrastructure.

Main funding forms

Indicate the main forms of funding, one or several.


Free text field to supplement the UKÄ classification.


Connect other content in LUCRIS to the infrastructure, such as projects or research outputs, thereby highlighting the infrastructure’s role in various aspects of the research process.


Visibility should be set to 'Public – no restriction'.

Do not forget to save!

Once you have completed the entire form, click the blue Save button to save and update the information, and close the form.

Infrastructure visibility

The degree of visibility can be selected. All infrastructures entered do not need to be visible externally; it is possible to enter infrastructures that can only be found by people logged in to LUCRIS.

It is essential also to include the infrastructures that are not open for use by others, as the goal is to create a total overview of the infrastructures for various purposes, the visibility in the portal is not related to who can and may use the infrastructure. It is important to make the picture of LU’s infrastructures as complete as possible.

Even small infrastructures or those only used internally can have a major impact and be important to display.

Governance of the infrastructure module

The information entered in LUCRIS has been obtained through a survey (2017-18) of infrastructures at all faculties at Lund University.

Regular inspections take place approximately every two years. If you want to add a new infrastructure: contact the LUCRIS administration for what information is to be submitted and what the continued management at your faculty looks like.

The module is not an inventory register. Any removal of infrastructure must also follow the same principle.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form: