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Entering information for someone else

when your LUCRIS job is someone else’s

As a researcher, you are generally responsible for ensuring that your LUCRIS profile is complete and information is entered into the different modules. However, approaches to this vary among the faculties. The system therefore allows you to let someone else with entering information for you.

Currently, there is a minimum requirement for entering and registering information in LUCRIS. The minimum level has been agreed by the faculties, and in addition, certain faculties have set a higher level, explained on their websites. Please see your local guidelines under 'Local Guidelines'. In general, researchers themselves are responsible for entering information in LUCRIS.

Who can add to and change my information?

Editor/ administrator

The reviewer of research output, who is often someone at your local library, will have access to your research outputs and can change/make them public in the Research Portal. Publications are also added through imports from Scopus done by the University Library a few times every month.
There may be other people at your department/faculty, such as web editors, who are authorised to make changes to your personal profile due to local guidelines, for example.


As submitter you can add information for everybody within a specific organisational unit.

Trusted user 

You can transfer the right to to make additions and changes to your information to another LUCAT ID. To do this, add the person as a 'Trusted user' under your personal settings. Remember always to ask and inform the person you intend to add as your trusted user.

LU internal co-authors and project participants

Internal co-authors or participants in publications and projects can also edit and add information.

What if it’s incorrect?

You will receive an email notifying you if anyone enters information in your name, allowing you to review and add information. Via a link in the email, you can disclaim your contribution to a publication or suchlike – i.e. you notify the system that you are not to be added to the information (for example if you have a namesake at LU). Emails are only sent to LU employees. You can edit your email settings in LUCRIS.

You can always contact the support if you need to change anything.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form:

Local guidelines