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Validation of research output

"Editor of research output" with a license to validate

If you have the role of 'Editor of Research Output', you are an important part of creating and maintaining good metadata quality in LUCRIS. You have the support function, manuals and a continuously improved and refined practice to support you.

LUCRIS is a research information system based on creating relations between different forms of research publications, activities and projects. As a librarian and editor, you can:

  • Conduct reviews of metadata and validation for quality assurance.
  • Review entries in LUCRIS replace the work previously conducted in LUP.
  • Facilitate and support researchers in entering data in LUCRIS. As a reviewer and support for questions about registration of research outputs, you have the important task of communicating with the researchers whose data you validate.

For your assistance, there is not only the LUB unified practice relating to the reviewing of entries (only in Swedish at this point), but also the support organisation built up jointly by LUCRIS system administration and all those who have various support roles in the system. 

Questions and answers about the system and practices for registration can be retrieved from and added to the support's common knowledge bank.

Information about the various administrative roles and how to apply for them

Unified practice for reviewing metadata in LUCRIS

The introduction of LUCRIS, as well as changes in external requirements such as those from SwePub, have resulted in a change in the workflow both for researchers and reviewers of research outputs.

The system change in combination with the adjustment to SwePub’s national requirements has resulted in LUB choosing to develop a unified practice for placement and review of research outputs in LUCRIS. The practice aims to facilitate the choice of correct material category and optimise information placement at the review stage to enable the best possible metadata in LUCRIS and exports to external sources. The unified practice was decided by LUB’s management group on 19 January 2016. At this point the guidelines are only available in Swedish.


The practice is updated regularly. Contact LUCRIS support or someone in the working group for the internship (AGROL) if you have suggestions for changes or clarifications:

Manuals, practices and tutorials

Manuals, practices and tips for those who have the role of 'Editor of Research Output' in LUCRIS (currently only available in Swedish).




FAQ for Validation in LUCRIS

In the case of interdisciplinary collaborations, the review right only ends up on one of these units, to access a publication it is easiest to hover over the list in which the publication is visible from within the system, at the end of the line there is a gear wheel. Click on the gear and 'Claim this content'. You get a free text box and can just write 'want to review' and the central administration grants access.

When entering a publication that was published outside or before taking up a position at Lund Unviersity, 'External Affiliation' must always be used. 'External organization' must always be listed at its top node, for example Copenhagen University (no subdivisions). Current affiliation should not be stated.

If the author indicated both an affiliation with Lund University and an external organization in the research output, then both the Lund University affiliation and the External Affiliation for the author must be added.