Here you will find support for getting started with web accessibility.

Make an inventory of your web content

Mapping the content of your website enables you to create an overview of the site and a basis for systematically making the content accessible. Examples of web content include webpages, images, video and documents. When carrying out the inventory, it is a good idea to also take the opportunity to destroy documents.

Support for making an inventory of your web content

Test your website

Once you have made an inventory of your web content, it is time to start testing your website. There are automatic testing tools you can use to quickly discover a number of accessibility issues, but to carry out a comprehensive test you also need to do a manual review.

Support for testing your website

Remedying issues

Once you have made an inventory of your web content and tested your website, it is time to start remedying accessibility issues. To support you in this, we have produced a list of common issues you can start to remedy, along with tips for how to organise your work.

Support for remedying issues

Remember to create an accessibility statement

An accessibility statement must be produced for all websites (a website has its own domain, for example as well as a contact form to enable visitors to report accessibility issues.

Support for creating an accessibility statement