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Classification of documents


Since 2014, Lund University has a new way of classifying received and drawn up documents. This classification is based on activity rather than the previous focus on where in the organisation. The classification is used for both document registration and presenting archive information, and within the University, they are referred to as activity-based archiving.

Classification structure

To properly classify a document, the University must be able to specify the context in which it was produced.

The University’s activities are presented in a classification structure, which is designed as a tree with five main branches (areas of activity):

  1. Governance
  2. Support
  3. Education
  4. Research
  5. Collaboration, information and external application

From these branches there are a number of types of activities.

The key to the classification of a document is in which activity the document was produced and not in which location within the organisation.

Lund University's classification structure version 1.4 in Swedish (PDF, 524 kB, new tab)

Records management plan

All types of areas of activity have their respective documents specified in a records management plan, which is structured in the same way as the classification structure. In the records management plan there are also instructions on how these documents should be handled with regard to preservation or weeding, registration, confidentiality, and more. The records management plan includes all known documents at Lund University and not only those documents which have been registered.

You need to know how a document should be classified at an early stage of processing. This will allow the order to become more predictable and less dependent on individuals.

Lund University's records management plan version 1.12, in Swedish (PDF, 3695 kB, new tab)

Version 1.10 valid from 1/05/2020; changes in relation to the last version are marked with a green bacckground. 

Archive holders

Note that though all of the University uses the same records management plan, each organisational unit (e.g. faculty office or department) continues to be its own archive holder.


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