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Training in the document registration system

Do you need training in W3D3? Do you have questions about which training programme you should take? Find out how to proceed here.

To obtain authorisation for W3D3 and to learn how to use the system, you must first undergo training. The training course you take will depend on the type of authorisation you need within the system. Contact the registrar's office if you are unsure which training course is right for you. 

All training courses can be found in Kompetensportalen. 

Log in to Kompetensportalen to enroll for a training course (in Swedish)

Administrator training

Administrator training is for those who only need to act as an administrator, which means you are able to register documents yourself in cases for which you have been appointed an administrator. This training course is self-study and conducted entirely online. It is called “Att arbeta i diariet W3D3 med handläggarbehörighet, grund- och repetitionsutbildning (version 3.0)” (“Working in W3D3 with administrator authorisation, basic and refresher course – only in Swedish) in Kompetensportalen. 

To take this administrator training, you first need to take the course "Att arbeta utifrån offentlighetsprincipen” (“Working in line with the principle of public access” – in Swedish only). In this course you will learn about the rules and laws based on the principle of public access you need to be familiar with as an employee at Lund University. It is a short self-study course and conducted entirely online.

Registrar training

The registrar training course is for those who need to be a registrar, meaning you can do everything an administrator can as well as create and terminate cases. This course is classroom-based with lectures, demonstrations of the system and practical exercises. This course is called ”Att arbeta i diariet W3D3 med registratorbehörighet, grund (version 3.0)” (“Working in W3D3 with registrar authorisation, basic course” – only in Swedish) in Kompetensportalen.

To undertake the registrar training, you must have completed the administrator training or have administrator authorisation from a previous position.

For those who are already registrars, there is a refresher and more advanced course. This is a self-study course conducted entirely online that you can return to when necessary. This course is called ”Att arbeta i diariet W3D3 med registratorbehörighet, grund (version 3.0)” (“Working in W3D3 with registrar authorisation, refresher and advanced training, version 1.0” – only in Swedish) in Kompetensportalen.


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