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Procedures for public disclosure requests

Here you can learn about what to do when receiving requests for disclosure of public documents.

The registrar’s office often receives requests to disclose public documents. The quick reference guide on public disclosure requests (below) provides guidance on how to handle such inquiries.
Quick reference guide on public disclosure requests, in Swedish (PDF 113 kB, new window)

Who is responsible for disclosing the requested document?

The official responsible for the case is also the person responsible for disclosing the requested document. If someone has requested to obtain documents pertaining to a case of which you are responsible, you must promptly process that request. If you have doubts about what to do with such a request, please consult one of the university administration legal counsels.

Shall public disclosure requests be registered?

Only requests for disclosure of public documents that are rejected or subject to confidentiality assessment are to be registered. Confidentiality must be assessed in each individual case by the person storing the document.

Decisions to reject requests for disclosure of public documents are made by the head of administration after assessment by the Legal Office. The decision to reject must be registered. Contact one of the legal counsels at the Legal Office for advice!

If the requested document is classified as confidential, you should also contact the University administration legal counsels.
Read more about the regulations regarding disclosure of public documents, public access and confidentiality

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