System support for document registration and archiving

W3D3 is the operating system for document registration and case management. Klara Arkiv is the operating system for archive registry.


W3D3 is the Lund University-wide support system for document registration and case management, previously also known as DFS. W3D3 is a web application and you need an internet connection to access your cases and documents. The recommended web browser to ensure all functions work optimally is Google Chrome.

Log into W3D3 (in Swedish)

The roles of administrator and registrar are offered in W3D3. To obtain authorisation and learn how to use the system, you will first need to undergo training.

Read more about the available training courses and how to enroll

If you need to report an error in the system or you have forgotten your password, contact LU Servicedesk.

Klara Arkiv

Only used by Records Management and certain other authorised staff.

Klara Arkiv handles the University's archival registries in accordance with both the general archive schedule (documents drawn up prior to 2014) and the activity-based classification structure (documents drawn up as of 2014).