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Electronic legal deposit

Lund University is obliged to submit electronic material to the National Library of Sweden, under the legal requirement of electronic legal deposit (eLD). These deposits are to be made through our eLD system called ‘E-plikta’.

You are perhaps wondering how eLD is linked to other systems, such as document registration and e-archives, and ask yourself: “Am I to deposit the same document in several systems?” The short answer to that question is “No”.

This is eLD

The electronic legal deposit is a legal requirement to submit copies of electronic materials made available to the public. eLD aims to collect and preserve digital cultural heritage to support future research.

It is the National Library of Sweden that receives electronic legal deposits.

Read more about eLD on the website of the National Library of Sweden

Submit digital copies as eLD

Electronic legal deposit means submitting digital copies of digital publications published on our websites directed to the public.

It does not cover digital publications directed at employees or admitted students.

The material is to consist of single files of a finalised and permanent nature. Finalised and permanent means that you will no longer change the information. Electronic legal deposits may include texts, pictures, video, and audio.

Publications at Lund University that are subject to eLD

There are seven types of publications at Lund University that are subject to eLD:

  • Student recruitment material, such as prospectuses, recruitment videos, and instructions on how to apply for a course or programme.
  • Staff recruitment material, such as recruitment videos and instructions on how to apply for a position.
  • Reports and investigations of public interest, such as the University’s annual financial statement.
  • Commemorative and jubilee publications.
  • General information about the University for the public, such as brochures, exhibition catalogues, information or marketing materials, newsletters, and journals.
  • Research information for the public, such as newsletters, journals, information or marketing videos, and video lectures.
  • Research publications.​

Do not upload research publications in ‘E-plikta’

Research publications are not to be uploaded in ‘E-plikta’. LUCRIS automatically delivers research publications subject to eLD to the National Library of Sweden.

This is how you make electronic legal deposits

Within three months of publishing any material subject to eLD, you are to upload it in ‘E-plikta’ – our system for delivering eLD material to the National Library of Sweden.

Upload eLD material in ‘E-plikta


If you have questions about eLD, please contact:

Gertrud Berger
+46 46 222 91 72
info [at] eplikt [dot] lu [dot] se

If you have questions about ‘E-plikta’, please contact:

Kristoffer Holmqvist
+46 46 222 82 55
info [at] eplikt [dot] lu [dot] se