Change management

KIA - the University´s internal consultancy Group

Are you facing changes in your organisational unit? As a leader/manager you can receive help and support from the University’s internal consultancy Group, KIA (Swedish acronym for Quality Development in Administration), which is part of the Offices of the Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Development Office.

Help available to you

You can get support in change management and development work related to managerial, organisational and administrative development in, for example, the following situations:

  • A department has grown rapidly and extensively and support operations need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • New Head of Department/likewise needs to get a better understanding of the role for support operations.
  • An organisational unit faces many retirements and needs support with regard to their approach for recruiting new staff.
  • A department finds that their support activities, procesesses or routines are not working or may work better.
  • A department needs to look over their organisation.
  • An organisational unit wants to  look over fututre scenaries and poosibilities for development work.
  • An organisational unit asks for support in facilitating workshops about their vision, strategic plan, risk and consequence analysis etc.  
  • A need of an overall status analysis at the faculty, for example a review of the administration. 

The work starts with you, as a head of department or equivalent, contacting someone in the KIA group. See contact details on this page.

This is the KIA consultancy group

KIA is the University’s internal consultancy support for change management within support operations and in matters relating to organisation, management and control. The support is primarily aimed at departments, but it also covers the faculties and the administration.

We are a number of staff members at the Office of the Vice-Chancellor who work with this. We are KIA consultants as part of our regular employment so we do not charge our clients any fees.

A variety of assignments within the entire University

Over the years, we have worked with all faculties and several departments, as well as large parts of the University administration divisions.

The assignments vary in terms of nature and scope, and include everything from long-term assignments that can run over a year to short-term assignments with a few days of work.  You can get support in facilitation of workshops, planning days, processesplanning, routine reviews and we can also coach before and during a development work. 

Many clients come back to us with new requests after one/some years when feeling the need for additional support.