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Booking premises

Premises, resources, prices and conference rooms
Here you will find information on how to book premises and resources through the TimeEdit booking system.

Booking premises

Bookable premises within Lund University can be reserved via the booking system TimeEdit. Log in with your LUCAT identity to place a booking for your preferred venue. On the booking page, you will find a quick guide to placing an order and a preliminary cost estimate. To book a venue that requires payment, you need to have the financial authority to do so. Read about how to obtain authorisation here (in Swedish, new window).

The booking system contains information on the venues, such as the number of seats, equipment and price for each one. You can also find out what resources or additional services can be ordered, such as any extra equipment available, whether you need additional staff, etc. The resources you can order vary from one venue to another. You will only see the premises and resources that you are authorised to book.

At the bottom of the booking page, you can view the bookings you have made under “Mina bokningar (My bookings)”. You can also cancel your bookings from this page.

Book premises in TimeEdit (in Swedish, new window)


Lund University applies a central price list with recommendations about how prices are to be set. Each resource, such as a venue, equipment or service, either has a stated price per hour or a price group indicating the cost. The pricelist below shows the price groups for premises. You can see the price group to which a particular venue belongs on the booking page. Click on the venue for a booking to view the price group. If you have any questions concerning pricing, please contact the process manager responsible.

Prices (in Swedish PDF 351 kB, new window)

The price list also contains Lund University’s booking rules.

Futher information

You can find more information about TimeEdit, scheduling and resource booking at Lund University on the website (in Swedish, new window).


If you have questions concerning authorisation or the booking system, please contact LU Servicedesk at +46 46 222 90 00 (29000) or via email at servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se. In emergencies, or for questions concerning pricing, please contact the process manager in charge at your faculty. Contact information for the different process managers can be found here (in Swedish, new window).

Conference premises

If you want advice or help regarding a suitable room for your conference contact LU Conferences. It is also through LU Conferences that you book room in the Old Biskop's House. Contact LU Conferences at gamlabiskopshuset [at] konferens [dot] lu [dot] se or bokning [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se.

More information about booking a conference room available here.

If you have questions concerning booking premises at the University Hall, please e-mail lokalbokning [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se.

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