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How to make purchases in Lupin

Ordering in Lupin

Lupin can be described as an online store, although it contains products from many different suppliers. For some suppliers, we have their articles in the Lupin catalogue; for other suppliers, you will need to visit the suppliers’ own online stores and there find the items you need and take them to the shopping cart in Lupin; and for yet other suppliers you will find uploaded forms in Lupin. You also have the opportunity to place orders for almost any supplier using a so-called free text form. You can also retrieve pre-approved orders from Lupin. These are the options that you will encounter in Lupin:

  • Articles in the catalogue
  • External online store
  • Forms linked to a certain supplier
  • Conference fees and member fees without an invoice: When it is not possible to receive an invoice or pay by credit card
  • Free text ordering: Place orders in Lupin from any supplier; English version available
  • Order: get a pre-approved order to bring to the store

Everything is searchable but the quickest way to find everything, except articles, is to go to the Options tab.

After ordering in Lupin

Once you have placed your order, Lupin will forward it to the person/persons responsible for approving the order. Once they have approved the order, they will send the order to the supplier/suppliers with whom you placed the order. Immediately upon receiving delivery, you will need to report the receipt of your delivery. If the information on the invoice matches what was ordered, approved and received then Lupin will automatically submit the invoice for payment monitoring in the accounting system Orfi.

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