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Student Health Centre

As someone who works with students, here you can learn about the support available to them at the Student Health Centre, and receive advice on dealing with complicated student situations.

At the Student Health Centre, students can receive help and support with problems that might affect their studies. For other issues or medical concerns, they can turn to their primary health care provider. We also offer courses in e.g. public speaking and stress management. Visit our website for both students and the general public for our current course selection. 

Information for students at

The Student Health Centre is available in Lund, at Campus Helsingborg, the art academies in Malmö, the Swedish University for Agriculture Studies in Alnarp (SLU) and in Flyinge.

Our staff includes welfare officers, nurses, psychologists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, and a medical secretary.

Advice on dealing with complicated student situations

As a study adviser, teacher or other staff member, you might come in contact with troubled students and need to serve as a first port of call. For many students, problems are temporary, but they might still need help and support. It is important that you acknowledge their issues – for the sake of the individual student and their surroundings – and provide guidance at an early stage before the problems have become too major. Don’t hesitate to ask a colleague for assistance!

You can also contact us for a consultation regarding students who are somehow troubled, or advice on how to proceed with the matter.

Below, you will find advice and tips to assist you in different situations with students in need of help.

Questions regarding difficult student matters (PDF 70 kB, new window)

Referring students to the Student Health Centre

Students seeking private consultation can fill out the self-referral form on the Student Health Centre website. For general advice, they can call during telephone hours.

We go through all self-referrals once a week, and decide on which students we are able to receive. All newly registered students will be contacted and are either offered a proposed time to meet or referred to an appropriate health facility. 

Keep in mind that the Student Health Service is not able to accept drop-in visits – all visits must be by appointment. We are closed for nine weeks during summer, three weeks at Christmas, and Easter Week.

Please refer students to our website for current contact information. There they will also find brochures on sleep disorders, anxiety, ergonomics, etc. 

For information for students in English visit

Information material

Please contact us if you need printed information about the Student Health Centre to give to your students.

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