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Information and advice about physical activity and how to prevent ill health.

Exercise is an effective ‘medicine’ against many diseases. The human body is built to move. Both body and soul benefit from physical activity.

In order to get into a good routine for physical activity, it is important to choose activities you enjoy and plan your day to fit them in.

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Health promotion at Lund University

Lund University employees are entitled to subsidised physical activity. Our health promotion regulations aim to encourage employees to participate in regular physical activity.

We aim to increase wellbeing at work, create a pleasant working environment with good social interaction and reduced absences due to illness, as well as preventing and reducing occupational injuries.

You are entitled to reimbursement of expenses for physical activity of a simple nature and low cost. Both conditions must be met for the activity to qualify for reimbursement.

More information about health promotion

Sport, exercise and outdoor activities in Lund Municipality

The Lund Municipality website has information about sport, exercise and outdoor activities in the municipality.

More information about sport, exercise and outdoor activities in Lund Municipality on

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