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You are able to create relations between e.g. projects to externally funded awards. As a researcher you will be able to create relations between your awards and your projects. In LUCRIS you will be able to search and see all Awards in the database, on the Research Portal you'll only see information about the funders name and start/end date at the projects connected to the award. It's possible to connect more than one award to a project.

Who's adding the awards to LUCRIS?

Right now a new way of handling awards at LU is tested. The information about the awards in LUCRIS is registered centrally by the Research Service, which also handles the registration of incoming awards. It is the person who is normally responsible for the registration of awards locally that ensures that newly received awards are send in.

Awards get as a default the visibility ”Resticted to LUCRIS users” until a relation to a  project is made. Then the visibility is changed, but only information about the Funder and the start/end date will be visible in the Research Portal.

FAQ about Awards:

What award data will be available in LUCRIS when launched 160411?

All awards are extracted from the former system eKontrakt. Awards from after 20160122 will be visible in LUCRIS as soon as possible.

What do I do if some information about my Award is wrong?

Information about the Awards in LUCRIS is only editable by the function at Research Service handling awards. To change any information please contact the LUCRIS Support: servicedesk [at]

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