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Representative for a project is that it is time limited and defined research activity, unlike an organizational unit. Sometime the project is related to a specific funding, for instance can the project members both be external and internal persons (as part from research groups that is an organizational unit and could only have internal members).

Add a project

A short instruction film made at the Faculty of Medicine:

In LUCRIS there is the following head classification of the project:

  • Research
  • Consultancy
  • Dissertation
  • Network
  • Other

Registration of a project

All users in LUCRIS can create a project. It should be the project leader or the person who the project leader appoints as the creator of the project. When you add an employee within LU to a project this person is notified that the project has been created. The message is not sent out to external members that is added to a project.

NB! External persons that are added to a project must give their consent to this.

The projects are directly visible in the research portal.

Find “your” project and add new

When you log in to LUCRIS you will see to your overview page, where you can see all project that you are part of.  If you miss a project you will add this through the module “Projects” in the left menu inside LUCRIS.

You will also find your active projects through clicking on the “Projects”- module name in the left menu, if you hold the mouse over the module you will see that a small plus “+” shows up – click on that if you would like to add a new project.

Cleaning of old LUP projects

Now in the first phase of LUCRIS it could happen that you see a project on your profile in LUCRIS that is not visible in the portal, this becouse we exported Projects and Research Groups from LUP to LUCRIS. Unfortunately the metadata quality on these records are so poor that they stay unpublic until you as a researcher enrich it and make it public. Please let us know if you would like help to removing a project. Projects that have not been enriched or made visible will be removed.    

Information you can add into a project:

  • Nature of activity type: Please choose between the following (one or more can be chosen)

- Interdisciplinary research

- International collaboration

- National collaboration

- Collaboration with industry

- Collaboration with municipalities and country councils

- Collaboration with schools

- Internal collaboration (LU)

- Clinical research

- Artistic research

- Teaching

- Individual research project

  • Title: Add title both in Swedish and in English if possible. You change language in the upper left corner, alternatively use Translation in the left menu.
  • Short title
  • Acronym
  • ID: Here you will show the same ID alternative as for Awards.
  • Description: Shorter project description, maximum 400 signs, preferably both in Swedish and in English, with the target group the research society.
  • Participants: Internal or external Participants/Collaborator.

NB! External participants that are added on a project must give their consent to this. If a participant is added, please follow the information about which organization the participant is connected to. Non relevant organization relations must be excluded. Each participant that is added must get a role added in the project:

- PI – primary investigator (PI): research leader (PI)

- CoI – co-investigator (CoI), project participant: researcher, project member

- Researcher

- Project communication officer

- Project coordinator

- Administrator

  • Project managed by: Institution or any other organizations that have an administrator that can support when register/editing the project. This is decided by them who are adding the project, but can be changed.
  • Collaborative partners: Click for Yes if this is a cooperation project, then the organizations under the Participants above show up. You can edit the list if you would like to.

Search for collaborative partners/organization under Add collaborator…, if they do not exist in the database you can add a new person through clicking Create new… Organizations can be added according to the form “Organization, (the University or similar.) Country “for example Copenhagen University, Denmark. NB! One of the collaborative partners must be marked as Lead.

  • Life Cycle: Start year/end year for the project. End year can be left empty if so are wanted.
  • Curtailed: If the project is ended in pre time this can be filled in here.
  • Keywords: Classification according to UKÄ and free subject words.
  • Files and access: Please add the document: An option to add a longer project description – the scientific presentation of the project could be added as a pdf, for example the one that is sent to the funder.
  • Links: Link to the project web page outside LUCRIS.
  • Relations: Relation to research output, activities, contracts, head projects etc. Please note that publications that are written (according to) LU external writers that are added in a LU project can’t be added in to LUCRIS.

NB! Before you save you must see to that the level of visibility is marked as “Public – No restriction”. If not – please change this!

Visibility ill. in LUCRIS
Visibility ill. in LUCRIS
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