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Kuben – a decision support tool

Kuben is a user-friendly tool for monitoring and analysis. Here you can examine various data from many different angles. Financial, employee and student data are available in Kuben.

This is Kuben

Kuben is a tool in which you can easily access a quick overview of the University’s operations in numbers. The tool offers increased access to customised information based on need, which creates better decision support at various levels within the University. The main focus is on the departments’ information needs.

Kuben includes a package of basic reports. Developments of these and new reports are ongoing. We welcome your comments and requests – servicedesk [at]

Log in

Log into Kuben using your Lucat identity. If you wish to access Kuben outside the University network, for example from home, you must first log in via the VPN service.

Log into Kuben directly (in Swedish)

Log in via the VPN service

Authorisation and roles

All employees have access to Kuben’s general tabs and reports.

Special authorisation is required for the tab marked ‘Institution’ (Department) which is not visible on the general pages. The Department tab contains reports that provide an opportunity to search for information at the individual level and you get access to data within all of Lund University. Authorisation is not linked to a cost centre or similar. This authorisation should only be granted to employees who need access to individual data to perform their normal work duties.

To apply for special authorisation in Kuben do the following: in Lucat at the headline “Mina behörigheter” select “Ansök om behörighet”, “IT-tjänstgrupp = ledningsstöd, IT-tjänst = Kuben” and "Behörighet = Fördjupad användare". Send this application to head of department/equivalent.

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