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The Legal Office will assist you with drawing up and reviewing agreements with external parties. Contact the the Legal Office as early as possible in the negotiation process in order to receive the best possible help.

The Legal Services Office draws up, reviews and negotiates agreements between the University and external companies, organisations and other government authorities. The types of agreement that we work with include:

Below you will find information that may be helpful in situations where the University is to enter into an agreement with an external party. The information is primarily designed for contract research or collaboration agreements, but also applies in most other cases.

What information does the Legal Services Office need?

Prior to reviewing or draw up an agreement, we need some background information. The earlier we receive background information, the better. A description of the situation that is as detailed as possible facilitates our work and saves a lot of time in negotiations with the other party. An agreement that reflects the actual situation and the intentions of the parties is predictable and easy to use.

The form below will specify what information we need from you. Please fill in and submit when contacting us.

Information needed prior to drawing up/reviewing an agreement (Word, 39 kB, new window) 

Is there a template agreement?

A well composed agreement should reflect the situation it is to be used in. Therefore, all agreements will be different. Still, we have chosen to develop a template agreement for the most frequent type: contract research agreements. Please contact the Legal Services Office for access to the template.

What terms should be included in an agreement?

The basis for contract research or collaboration agreements with external parties is the project description. This should clearly define the work that is to be performed, how it will be implemented, time frame and reporting. The project description is the framework for the agreement and is to provide the most important information about the project and will define what the rest of the agreement should look like. It may therefore be worth spending some time on it.

Naturally, there are certain provisions that will recur in most agreements and that are of particular importance for the University. They are, for example, terms and conditions regarding compensation, the right to results, publication, confidentiality, liability, notice period, and dispute resolution.

What happens now?

Once the Legal Services Office have received the information we need, we will contact the other party and present the positions that are important to the University and its researchers. You will be updated regularly. Once the negotiations are complete, we will send the agreement to you with comments which must be considered by the person who will be signing the agreement.

Who signs?

The content of the agreement and its total economic value determines who is authorised to sign on behalf of Lund University. See the following vice-chancellor decision on who may sign agreements:

Read more in the regulations Rules on the allocation of decision-making powers at Lund University (PDF, 127,06 kB, new window) (in Swedish)

Document registration of the agreement

An agreement regarding a collaboration with an external party constitutes a matter at Lund University that shall be registered at department or faculty level. Also, the correspondence between the Legal Services Office and the external party during the negotiations shall be registered as part of the matter. As principal investigator, or equivalent, you are responsible for ensuring that this takes place. Contact the Lund University registrar’s office if you need more information.

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For questions about agreements, contact:

Sanna Håkansson (Faculty of Science)
Legal Counsel 
sanna.hakansson [at]
+46 46 222 08 10

Carl Petersson (Faculty of Engineering)
Legal Counsel 
carl.petersson [at],
+46 46 222 76 41

Sara Lindgren (Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculties of Humanities and Theology, School of Economics and Management, University specialised centres, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts, University Administration)
Legal Counsel 
sara.lindgren [at],
+46 46 222 76 52

Henrik Wiebe (MAX IV, Faculty of Medicine)
Legal Counsel 
henrik.wiebe [at]
+46 46 222 08 90


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