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The decisions published in the English Rules and Regulations are only translations of the Swedish originals. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the translation, the original takes precedence.

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Lund University’s Guidelines on Termination of Employment Pursuant to Sections 32a and 33 of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80). Decision 2023-06-22. (PDF 292 kB)

Global Dynamic Engagement - Roadmaps 2024. Decision 2023-12-14. (PDF 259 kB)

Lund university appointment rules. Decision 2023-12-19. (PDF 357 kB)

Guidelines for management positions at Lund University. Decision 2024-01-11. (PDF 157 kB)

Policy for academic leadership at Lund University. Decision 2024-01-11. (PDF 170 kB)

Guidelines regarding risky and harmful substance use at Lund University. Decision 2023-11-30. (PDF 157 kB)

Administrative Procedure for the Lund Students’ Prize for Excellence in Teaching within Education at Lund University. Decision 2023-01-26. (PDF 196 kB)

Remuneration for exam invigilators. Decision 2023-01-11. (PDF 183 kB)

Lund University’s internal reporting channels and procedures for reporting and following up irregularities. Decision 2022-06-16. (PDF 136 kB)

Appointment of authorised officials for receiving and following up reports of irregularities etc. Decision 2022-06-16. (PDF 113 kB)

Two-year extension of procedure to increase gender equality in recruitment of professors. Decision 2021-11-18. (PDF 109 kB)

Guidelines for remote work for technical and administrative staff. Decision 2021-09-31 (PDF 173 kB)

Lund University regulations on the activities of retired professors. Decision 2020-12-18. (PDF 149 kB)

Lund University’s regulations on termination of employment pursuant to Sections 32a and 33 of the Employment Protection Act (1982:80. Decision 2020-12-18. (PDF 216 kB)

Guidelines regarding health promotion at Lund University | 2019 | (PDF 156 kB)

Procedure for the annual reporting of secondary employment for teaching staff and for managers covered by the local agreement on key management positions I 2019 I (PDF 159 kB)

Rate of payment to invigilators I 2019 I (PDF 124 kB)

Policy on employment and good and clear career paths for teaching staff and researchers at Lund University I 2019 I (PDF 319 kB)

Lund University’s regulations on secondary employment I 2019 I (PDF 68 kB)

Regulations for business travel at Lund University I 2019 I (PDF 45 kB)

General guidelines for business travel at Lund University I 2019 I (PDF 51 kB)

Guidelines on the remuneration for work at Lund University I 2015 I (PDF 29 kB)

Regulations on the procedure preceding the Vice-Chancellor`s decision to nominate an individual for appointment as professor I 2015 I (PDF 30 kB)

Health promotion reimbursement I 2014 I (PDF 26 kB)

Decision on staff appraisals I 2014 I (PDF 195 kB)

Academic qualifications portfolio at Lund University I 2013 I (PDF 425 kB)

Pay policy programme for Lund University. Decision 2020. (PDF 204 kB)


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