About this website

Staff Pages provides support to Lund University staff in their day-to-day work.

The content of Staff Pages is the responsibility of the University’s central administration and is coordinated by a group of appointed representatives from each division. The role of the coordination group is to ensure that Staff Pages: 

  • is up-to-date and correct
  • contains information that is relevant to users
  • maintains a coherent and unified structure
  • has a reasonable level of ambition that the coordination group can manage

The group also has responsibility for dealing with questions and comments submitted.

Comments and questions

If you have comments or questions about the content on a specific page, please contact the content adviser or page manager indicated on the page in question.

General questions and comments about the website can be sent to staffpages [at] lu [dot] se Your enquiry will go to the coordination group for Staff Pages.

In the event of service interruptions or other technical problems, please contact servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se, +46 46 222 90 00.

Swedish version – Medarbetarwebben

Visit the swedish version of Staff pages.

Go to medarbetarwebben.lu.se