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Download templates and communication tools

Lund University’s graphic profile is to be used on material, printed and digital, produced on behalf of the University. A consistently used profile helps us to communicate who we are and what our brand stands for. Various templates and tools are gathered on this page to facilitate your work. You will also find the logotype and other graphic elements available for downloading.

All the templates and communication tools have been designed according to the instructions and rules in the University’s graphics manual. Using these tools saves time and contributes to reinforcing Lund University’s brand by giving an impression of unity.

Read more about Lund University’s graphic profile

Graphics manual, in Swedish (PDF 23,7 MB, new window)

All templates on this page are also available for download in Lund University’s Image and Media Bank. The links provided here lead directly to each template. If you are not logged in to the Image and Media Bank, you will first land on the start page – log in with your Lucat ID to get through to the template.

Content on the page

Logotypes, fonts and graphic elements

Main logotype

Level 2 logotypes

The links lead to the Image and Media Bank for download:


Graphic elements

The links lead to the Image and Media Bank for download:

Templates for Word and PowerPoint

PowerPoint templates

The links lead to the Image and Media Bank for download:

The templates in 4:3 format are for older projectors or computer screens, with a more square format. These can still be used on more modern wide screens, but there will be a black edge/blank space on both sides of your presentation, as it does not fill the entire screen. The templates in the 16:9 format correspond to the current standard for wide screens and projectors (as well as TVs). Before a presentation, you should find out what type of screen or projector you will be using.
If you are going to hold an oral presentation about Lund University, you can base it on the PowerPoint presentation with general information about the University:

Thesis templates i Word

Please ask your institution or department what size to use before using the template. If you have any questions, contact Jonas Palm at Media-Tryck: +46 46 222 32 71. Do you want to know more? Sign up for a free course to get useful knowledge in handling the templates on the Media-Tryck website.

Letter templates in Word 

Letter templates in Word are available in Swedish and English. They use the fonts Times New Roman and Arial instead of our profile fonts, to avoid technical problems. When you send an open Word document, the fonts do not follow – if the correct font is not installed on the recipient’s computer, it is automatically replaced by something else. This is why you should use the alternative fonts Times New Roman and Arial, which are standard on all operating systems, when you are working with open documents in Word and PowerPoint. Use our profile fonts Frutiger and Adobe Garamond Pro when working with printed originals and PDFs for example.

For print-outs on pre-printed writing paper there are Word templates with both Times New Roman/Arial and with the profile fonts Frutiger/Adobe Garamond Pro which can be used where possible. You can find them at the bottom of the list below. Remember to fill in all the name and address details before you start using the letter templates.

All links below open in a new window:

Templates for Indesign

All the layout templates for the Indesign program (grid templates) are available for download in the Image Bank. Click the direct link below and log in with your Lucat ID to get through to the relevant template. Instructions and examples of how to structure your layout are included in the download of the templates.

What is a grid template?

When referring to layout templates, we often use the term grid template. Our layout templates for the InDesign program are structured according to various types of grids, i.e. various types of ruler guides/grids. Depending on the type of production that you are making, the ruler grids can be constructed somewhat differently. For instance, there is one for a portrait A4 brochure, another for roll­ups, etc.

Support for quick and simple production

The grid template system helps make the graphic production more quick and simple, and facilitates your work in combining logotypes, headings, texts, images and graphic elements in a coherent and well-balanced layout. In all templates the logotype is placed correctly and the seal has the right proportions. The grid is to be seen as a support tool when structuring your content, but will not be visible in the final printed version of your product. Instructions and examples on how to construct your layout will be provided when downloading the templates.

A formats

The grid templates are all based on A formats, which are part of the University’s graphic profile. Working with a layout not based on an A format makes it more difficult to ensure that the graphic form becomes coherent and correct. There are also financial and environmental reasons for, as far as possible, avoiding e.g. square formats. Remember to use the proportions of the A format if you are creating material in a format for which there is no grid template. Please contact the Branding Office at Corporate Communication if you have any questions.


The Image and Media Bank contains several thousand images which are freely available for use in material produced on behalf of Lund University. Always state the photographer’s name adjacent to the photograph. The Image and Media Bank also contains more information on permitted use of the images. Log in with your Lucat ID and search among the image categories.

Web templates

For those working with web pages on behalf of Lund University, there are HTLM templates for download from the Image and Media Bank.

Social media

Lund University’s Guide to social media contains tips and advice for using social media in the context of your work. The guide includes tips on how to create good content for each social media channel, templates for presentation texts and recommendations for profile pictures and name use. The guide has been created in a wiki format and is a living document which is continuously updated.

Blog tool

Lund University uses the standard tool WordPress for blogs. The solution consists of ready-made templates which are easy to use. The templates have been designed in compliance with Lund University’s graphic profile.

Templates for film production

Are you going to produce a film? Before you get started, use the checklist "Things to consider before ordering and producing a film".

Download the Checklist for film production (PDF 217 kB, new window)

The graphic profile also applies to film production. There are ready-made Photoshop templates for things like name tags and film intro/title pages, to facilitate your work. There are also audio files specially produced for Lund University – they can be used as background, for breaks in spoken commentary, or as a complement to images and text with no narration at all. You can also download the University’s presentation film from the Image and Media Bank. 

The links below lead to the Image and Media Bank for download:

Digital newsletters

Tips on how to formulate, structure and work with newsletters:

Download the checklist for newsletters, in Swedish (PDF, 205 kB, new window)

Business cards and office supplies

The University’s internal printing house, Media-Tryck, delivers business and correspondence cards with your details, in accordance with the graphic profile. You can also order other types of office supplies and conference material, such as stationery, name tags, folders, notepads and postcards from Media-Tryck.

Communications planning and message

Effective communication requires planning. What are we to achieve, who are we trying to communicate with and what do we want to tell them? These are examples of important questions on which to base your work. On the page below, you will find a template for drawing up a communication plan, a document containing the University’s key messages and other material to support your work in communicating in a planned and structured manner.

Go to the page on Communication Planning and Message

Presentation material

On the page below you will find the University’s general presentation material, such as a PowerPoint presentation and a brochure with facts and figures, profile texts and a presentation video – to use as a basis for speaking about the University at a conference or during a study visit, for example.

Go to the page containing the University’s general presentation material

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