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Visual content using AI

AI tools for creating images, videos and illustrations represent great creative opportunities. However, in order to use AI-generated content in your communication you need to consider certain legal aspects and the framework set by the University’s graphic profile.

This page gives advice on how you should approach generating visual content with the help of artificial intelligence for use in materials published or sent by Lund University. The advice is applicable to both internal and external communication at the University. Naturally you are free to test, learn about and evaluate various AI tools as part of your role. 

Always read the terms of use

For a creation to be covered by copyright, free and creative choices must have been made during the creative process. That is why it is a good idea as things stand to assume that whatever you generate using AI will not be covered copyright. However, the various tools have conditions about how you and others may use the results produced. Different tools have different terms. Always read the terms of use for the AI tool you are using.

Follow the graphic profile

Lund University has a graphic profile approved by the Vice-Chancellor. The graphic profile is to be applied to all material published or sent by Lund University and its contents include image style for photographic images and illustrations. Decorative illustrations should be avoided.

Image style

Illustration style


AI-generated illustrations generally clash with the graphic profile and the illustration style guidelines in place, and as such are not to be used when Lund University is the publisher or sender. Exceptions from the illustration style can be made for scientific and/or explanatory illustrations, diagrams and tables – then it is permissible to use AI. Remember that you are always to use the University’s colours and fonts when creating illustrations using AI. If you succeed in generating illustrations that fit with the illustration style, you are of course allowed to use these in your communication.

Image and video

If you create photographic/photo-like images with the help of AI, always endeavour to follow the image style as far as possible. 

Also bear in mind that if you make moving images in an AI tool, these are also to fit the graphic profile. You should therefore ensure that you are able to use the University’s fonts, logos and colours in your video.

Label material that has been produced with AI

Always mark all images, video and illustrations you have edited or created using AI with the following: “This is an AI-generated image. The image was created using AI tool X.”

Labelling of AI-edited photographers’ images

The photographers that Lund University have contracts with want to look at their images that have been edited with AI, for approval before possible publication. The University’s agreements with the photographers only allow minor image editing, such as cropping and adjusting exposure. You will find information about which photographer took the picture in the image and media bank. Once you have been given the photographer’s approval, label the image “Photo: Xx Xx. Nb: The image has been edited using AI tool X”

Image and media bank (log in with Lucat-ID)

Procured photographers

AI editing of stock images and Creative Commons (CC) images

Read the terms carefully before editing or manipulating images in any AI tool. What rights have you purchased or obtained for the image? Are you, for example, allowed to edit the image at all? May it be used in AI tools which then use the image to train the tool?

Use of images for training AI tools

Read the terms for each AI tool carefully to see whether the tool uses the images you upload as training material. If so, check whether you may use stock, images covered by a CC license etc in this way. The photographers that Lund University has agreements with do not allow their images to be used in tools that then use the images for training.


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