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LUCRIS is Lund University's research information system. The purpose of LUCRIS is to make the collective research of individual researchers, research groups and Lund University visible.


The LUCRIS database is only accessible to employees at Lund University. In LUCRIS researchers at Lund University can enter information that are in some way connected to research. Connected to the LUCRIS database is The Research Portal. The purpose of the Portal is to give external visitors a picture of what research is conduced at Lund University.

On the following pages, you will find more information about LUCRIS and the Research Portal. There is information regarding the different moduls in LUCRIS and how to use them, as well as different tutorials and guides.

Present your research

LUCRIS is a relational database, which means you can create links and relationships between different information objects in the system. For example, you can link publications to projects, which in turn you can link to awards (contracts). You can make the contribution you published after a conference available as a relation to the keynote lecture you gave at the conference. The more such relationships you create, the better the visibility of your research results in the research portal.

The information in the database is structured in such a way as to enable searches and compilations showing various aspects of research activities. The system enables automatic retrieval of data for display on other websites.

Who can see and reuse the data I enter in LUCRIS?

Your personal profile, your research outputs, activities, projects and prizes are all searchable in Lund University research portal. The externally open research portal  showcases your research to:

  • Other researchers: in and outside your existing networks, which can lead to new collaborations and projects.
  • Financiers and donors: LUCRIS allows you to send links when reporting – to research financiers for example – that highlight the various forms of output a certain contract has generated.
  • Media: a clear and updated profile in LU’s research database makes it easier for the media to find the right person at LU.
  • Students and interested members of the public: the opportunity for students and interested members of the public to closely follow research in its different expression and forms.

Contact the LUCRIS support

E-mail:  servicedesk [at] lu [dot] se
Phone: 046-222 90 00
Monday - Friday 8:00-17:00
Web form:

Reuse of research information

Edit your personal profile and reuse the information on the web and in external systems such as: