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Travel expense reports

Have you been on a business trip? Here you will find information about what to include in and how to submit your travel expense report.

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Register your travel expense report without delay

Travel expense reports for both domestic and international business travel, with accompanying outlays, must always be submitted as soon as possible upon completing a trip.

To be approved within one year at the latest

It is not possible to register travel/receipts in Primula that are dated more than a year ago, so the case must be registered, reviewed and approved within one year at the latest. This also applies to private outlays that are not connected to travel.

You can do the travel expense report in Primula using the Travel/expenses link under My page.

Take care to choose the right option in Primula:

  • For per diem and any outlays/car allowance, choose ‘Travel Abroad LU’ or ‘Travel Domestic LU’ in Primula.
  • If only outlays and/or car allowance are applicable (i.e. no per diem), choose ‘LU Expenses/Car allowance’.

Log into Primula with your Lucat ID. Additional instructions on how to do a travel expense report are available in Primula.

Report VAT in your expense report

Only Swedish VAT can and must be reported. Report the VAT when registering your expenses in your travel expense report in Primula web.

Expenses in other currencies

Have you had expenses in other currencies? Enter the correct exchange rate for the date of the expense: Check bank statements or calculate based on examples from:

Currency Converter on Oanda`s website

If you are using an account statement or a currency conversion receipt, the document is to be attached in the system.

Travel advances

If you have been granted a travel advance by your manager and it has been paid to you, the advance is to be registered and reported in your travel expense report.  

Travel advances are granted in exceptional circumstances. The preferred mode of procedure is to use a charge card with personal payment liability.

Read more about charge cards

Contact the travel expense reviewer at your workplace or your immediate human resources officer for more information about travel advances.

Attachments to your travel expense report

The following documents shall be attached to the travel expense report you submit to your line manager/relevant officer:

  • Conference programme/participants or other documents proving that you did in fact travel and that it was a business trip.
  • Receipts for your expenses. Attach original receipts for any expenses for which you request reimbursement. Keep in mind that credit card slips are not valid receipts.
  • Hotel/accommodation receipts are not required if you had an overnight subsistence allowance

Once you have completed your travel expense report

Once the travel expense report is completed in Primula, you are to send it digitally to the travel expense reviewer at your workplace (documentation is thus not to be sent to the Division of Finances or the HR Division). Contact your line manager if you are unsure about who the travel expense reviewer is in your case. 

  • If there are receipts to be reviewed, print out and hand in the travel expense report together with the original receipts and the programme/invitation in the case of entertainment expenses or travel to your travel expense reviewer. After the review, the travel expense reviewer submits the print-out together with the original receipts to the approving manager for approval. The travel expense report is subsequently processed according to the Records Management Plan. 
  • The travel expense report attachment does not need to be signed except in cases where other procedures apply at your department/equivalent.
  • In the absence of receipts, no print-out is required.

Subsistence allowance

For domestic and international business travel you are entitled to reimbursement of your travel expenses and to receive subsistence allowance.

Bear in mind the Swedish Tax Agency’s rules concerning time spent in more than one country on the same day.

Read more on the page Reimbursement of travel, subsistence allowance and meal deductions

Reimbursements are provided to you via the travel expense report which you file after your business trip has been completed.

Read more about subsistence allowances, meal benefits, travel reimbursements and meal deductions.


If you have any questions contact the travel expense reviewer at your workplace, your immediate HR officer or your manager.

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