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Service and support for outbound students

  1. The role of the officer vs that of the nominated student
  2. Practical information for students going abroad
  3. Scholarships for international student mobility 
  4. Student ambassador abroad
  5. On return 
  6. The work of exchange ambassadors
  7. Crisis management 
  8. Insurance for students

The role of the officer vs that of the nominated student

The role of the officer

  • Provide the student with correct information so that the student submits a correct application to the host university 
  • Be available to the student for questions and support 
  • Function as a link between the student and the host university 
  • Manage issues concerning study support for students with disabilities
  • If necessary, guide students in choosing an exchange destination. For example, inform about useful information on sexual orientation laws in all parts of the world. 
    Read more at ILGA World – International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association

The responsibilities of the nominated student

  • Find suitable courses at the appropriate level on the host university’s website 
  • Ensure that there is a dialogue about the transfer of credits from the courses (before the exchange, in case of any changes and on return)
  • Stay informed via SoleMove about e.g. course restrictions, additional costs and language tests.
  • Calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA) if required by the host university.
  • Book and undergo the language test in cases where it is required 
  • Search for information and apply for a visa
  • Read information before departure about e.g. vaccination requirements, insurance conditions (see ”Before departure” below)
  • Be reachable via email (also monitor the spam section of your email inbox)
  • Be a good ambassador for Lund University during your exchange studies
  • Write a travel report on your return (according to the faculty’s instructions)

Practical information for students going abroad 

University-wide information on preparations for departure for outgoing exchange students can be found on the webpage "Practical information for outgoing students". Here, students can read about study grants, travel bookings, visas, etc.

Practical information for outgoing students
Via the page, you can also find the following web pages that are relevant for outgoing students:

Course, webinar and workshop
Student UT insurance
Student ambassador abroad

Preparation pack for outbound students

To help the student to prepare before going abroad, a 'preparation pack' is available consisting of

  • an online course (about 60 minutes)
  • a short video (about 6 minutes)
  • a webinar with current exchange students
  • a risk impact and probability analysis template
  • a risk impact and probability analysis workshop (about 90 minutes).

The material is useful for students as soon as they have been nominated. Web information, online course, video and risk- and impact assessment template are available at all times. The approximate time for the webinar and workshop is stated on the website. Invitations to the events are sent via e-mail to all outbound students.

Read more about the 'preparation pack' for outgoing students

Scholarships for international student mobility 

University-wide scholarships managed by External Relations:  

Other scholarships 

Read more about the Scholarships for current students on

Student ambassador abroad 

During the exchange period, the student has an important role as a representative of Lund University. The website 'Student ambassador abroad' explains what it means to represent Lund University and Sweden while you are an exchange student at Lund University. Here the student will find the most important messages and a toolbox containing videos, a PowerPoint presentation and useful links.

The International Desk can send marketing material to students who will participate in a Study Abroad Fair at a partner university. Upon request from partner universities or students, Marie Herner Hällström decides which partner universities the International Desk should send material to and to what extent.

Information for students about being a Student ambassador abroad on

On return 

Returning to Sweden after exchange studies entails an adjustment that can sometimes feel painful. Here is a list of events that can be carried through:

  • Pick up on students who want to talk about their exchange experience – invite them to informal workshops where they get an opportunity to swap experiences with others. The workshop needs supervision and a clear purpose. Can the students’ experiences be used to improve the service to exchange students? Examples of discussion topics: ”Why should you go on exchange studies?”, ”Challenges of being an exchange student?”, ”How do you grow as a person?”, ”What support/information do returning students need?”. The workshop can be run as a Zoom meeting with the possibility of using break-out-rooms. 
  • Students who want to talk about their exchange studies can usefully also be engaged for marketing, for example through online profiles, short videos that the students can produce themselves.
  • Encourage the students to continue to build on their international involvement as international mentors.
  • If the student needs support and someone to talk to about readjusting and adapting after returning from abroad, encourage them to contact the Student Health Centre.

The work of exchange ambassadors

External Relations has 2 employed exchange ambassadors. The exchange ambassadors are students at Lund University with personal experience of international mobility. Their main task is to increase students’ interest in and awareness of the international opportunities offered at Lund University and to contribute to inspiring them. The project was launched in spring 2019.


The exchange ambassadors’ main channel is @lund_university_abroad. The Instagram account aims to be inspiring, to arouse interest and contribute increasing the number of students who gain international experience during their studies at Lund University. The target group is all students at Lund University.

The aim of the Instagram account:

  • To be a platform to disseminate information about international opportunities.
  • To highlight various types of international opportunities and inspire people to make the most of them.
  • To enable students to inspire other students.
  • To be a channel for outbound students before, during and after their mobility.
  • To contribute to increasing the number of outbound students from Lund University.

Examples of content:

  • Guest hosts – students on exchange studies take over the account for a week with images, videos and "stories" from their everyday life abroad.
  • Marketing of application deadlines for e.g. exchange studies and scholarships. 
  • Creating engagement and interactivity through e.g. competitions, stories with Q&A.
  • Target group-adapted videos e.g. for students about to apply, before they leave, on their return.

Supervisor of the exchange ambassadors: Ida Thelander ida [dot] thelander [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (ida[dot]thelander[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se)

Draw your students’ attention to @lund_university_abroad

Help to disseminate information on @lund_university_abroad through your faculty channels with the following suggested text and image:

Download image for infobox on the web

If you need images in different formats, please contact ida [dot] thelander [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se (ida[dot]thelander[at]er[dot]lu[dot]se)

Follow students abroad on Instagram

Lund University offers lots of opportunities to gain international experience. The Instagram account @lund_university_abroad is run by students for students. Here you can see the everyday lives of Lund University students abroad, take part of their travel stories and tips and ask questions.

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