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Ladok authorisation and support

In 2018, Lund University introduced a new version of Ladok which has increased the need for support and training in the new system. The Student Records Office is working on different kinds of support for Ladok users.

User manuals

Anyone who is to use Ladok must request authorisation, including lecturers reporting results and examiners certifying them. Authorisation requests are to be made in Lucat. Read more about authorisation levels and how to apply on the Ladok blog.

Via the link below you will find user manuals to get you started on performing various tasks in Ladok.

Ladok user manuals (in Swedish)

In spring 2018, Lund University introduced a new version of Ladok as part of the Ladok3 project. When new questions arise about the new Ladok, these are included on the blog, Ladok at LU. Read more in Frequently Asked Questions about Ladok on the Ladok blog (in Swedish). If you would like to further develop your knowledge of the new Ladok or access further training material, you can find more at the Ladok Consortium’s own website, which offers videos, e-learning and user manuals. 


The following courses on Ladok are offered at Lund University:

  • Ladok certification training (online training for examiners who certify in Ladok).
  • Ladok certify results (online training for examiners who certify in Ladok.) This training is delivered in English.
  • Ladok introductory training (online training, for users only wanting to view information in Ladok).
  • Ladok result registration for teaching staff (online training, for teaching staff who register results in Ladok).
  • Ladok for administration of first and second cycle programmes (onsite training).
  • Ladok administration of third cycle programmes (onsite training).

For more information about the courses, see the Professional Development Portal (Kompetensportalen). If you have questions regarding the courses, please contact Camilla Jönsson camilla [dot] jonsson [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se (camilla[dot]jonsson[at]stu[dot]lu[dot]se).

Log into Kompetensportalen


Everyone who works with Ladok must apply for authorisation. With the new Ladok even teaching staff who are reporting results or examiners who certify results will require authorisation in the system. 

Read more about authorisation in Ladok


Reach us at: support [at] ladok [dot] lu [dot] se (support[at]ladok[dot]lu[dot]se)

To enable us to handle your query as quickly as possible, support services requests that all users be as specific as possible, always state: faculty, department, reason for contact, user, specific course, as well as the student’s name and personal identity number. 

The Student Record Office staff:

  • Camilla Jönsson
  • Cecilia Peltola
  • Per Auster


The Department for Study Administration Systems

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