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Work environment, sustainability and safety

The decisions published in the English Rules and Regulations are only translations of the Swedish originals. In the event of any discrepancy between the original and the translation, the original takes precedence.

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Lund University’s Crisis Management and Contingency Plan. Decision 2023-04-18 (PDF 677 kB)

Fire safety policy for Lund University. Decision 2022-06-23. (PDF 193 kB)

Lund University regulations on evacuation exercises. Decision 2022-06-23. (PDF 200 kB)

Lund University regulations on fire safety training. Decision 2022-06-23. (PDF 194 kB)

Lund University regulations on systematic fire safety management. Decision 2022-06-23. (PDF 250 kB)

Rules on the allocation of duties with regard to work environment and fire safety management at Lund University. 2020 (PDF 331 kB)

Lund University’s strategy for sustainable development 2019–2026 I 2019 I (PDF 266 kB)

Work environment policy for Lund university I 2018 I (PDF 78 kB)

Lund University’s policy for sustainable development I 2016 I (PDF 33 kB)

Defibrillators I 2014 I (PDF 64 kB)

Guidelines on personal safety I 2012 I (PDF 132 kB)

Guidelines on fire safety I 2012 I (PDF 148 kB)

Rules and allocation (delegation) of work duties and decision-making powers with regards to the work environment, sustainability and safety at Lund University I 2010 I Pursuant to a decision by the vice-chancellor on 2 December 2020, the sections that regulate the work environment and fire safety are replaced by the Regulations on the allocation of duties with regard to work environment and fire safety management at Lund University (Reg. no STYR 2020/2060) (PDF 154 kB)

Regulation regarding children’s visits to sites of work or studies I 2005 I (PDF 31 kB)

Ban on smoking in and close to university buildings I 2005 I (PDF 28 kB)

Regulation regarding first aid training for employees at Lund University I 2003 I (PDF 35 kB)


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