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Tuition fee-paying students

Which students are required to pay tuition fees? How is this administered at the University? Here you can learn more about the rules and procedures that apply for tuition fee-paying students.

Obligation to pay application fees and tuition fees 

According to Swedish law, a person who is not a citizen of Sweden, another EEA member country, or Switzerland, is subject to application fees and tuition fees in Sweden. There are, however, a large number of exceptions to this rule. A common denominator among these exceptions is that the student must have a residence permit on grounds other than studies in Sweden.

For information about application fees and tuition fees, see

You can also refer students to the Lund University student information on tuition fees


Conditioned admission on paid tuition fees

Those who are obligated to pay tuition fees will only be admitted once the fee has been paid. The Swedish Migration Board will only issue residence permits for studies to those who have been completely admitted, i.e. who have paid their tuition fees. Should payment be made after 15 June for a first semester on a Master’s programme, there is a risk of not receiving a residence permit before the start of the semester. Students who have not paid their tuition fee for a semester, may neither be registered nor participate in the course/programme.


The Finance division issues invoices for students who are required to pay tuition fees and are admitted to a programe or a course. The invoices are automatically generated after the selection in the international admission rounds. Students who are admitted from the waiting list needs to request for an invoce from the Finance division. Students who are admitted in the Swedish admission round also needs to request an invoice themselves. Continuing students will receive their invoices at the same time as students admitted during the international rounds of admission (in May and November). Once payment has been made, it will be registered in Ladok

The deadline for newly admitted students is May the 20th for studies starting in the Autumn and November the 30th  for studies starting during the Spring.

New citizenship or permanent residence, and changes in the tuition fee status

The tuition fee status is determined during admission through the NyA admissions system. The tuition fee status rarely changes during the period of studies, although there are exceptions.

It is important to inform continuing students that should they be granted either residence permit for reasons other than studies, or relevant citizenship, exempting them from having to pay tuition fees, they must immediately submit a copy of their passport or residence permit decision, to lant [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se

Please refer students to the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) for questions and answers about tuition fee status

Suspension due to unpaid tuition fees

Continuing students must pay the full tuition fee according to the rate of study to which they have been admitted.Students who participate in courses/programmes without having paid their tuition fees will be suspended from the University until the fees have been paid in full. A suspension decision means that the student is not allowed to participate in class, exams, or other activities related to the course/programme at the University. In specific cases, the University may also decide not to issue degree certificates and course certificates until fees have been paid in full. The chair of the University admissions board decides on suspensions, on the basis of documentation from the Admissions Office.   

Extension of tuition fee payments

A tuition fee-paying student can get an extension of the payment deadline if there are special grounds preventing the student to pay on time. A valid reason can be that the student is waiting for a scholarship decision or waiting for the scholarship to be disbursed. The student must contact the Finance division at tuitionfees [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se or the Admission office at lant [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se well in advance of the deadline to request the application form. The Board of Admission will make the decision. Students with US student finance are not required to apply for an extension.

Refund requests

To request an application form, contact the Finance division at tuitionfees [at] eken [dot] lu [dot] se and submit the form using the same email address. The decision will be made by the University admissions board or the Admissions Office by delegation. For a full refund, the application must be submitted before the start of the semester. Any later, and the refunded amount is reduced. Exceptions may occur, under special circumstances.

Please refer students to the information on refunds at

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