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Insurance for international staff

This page provides information relevant for international staff not (yet) residents in Sweden. Please note that the insurance rules are different for employees and scholarship holders.

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Insurance for employees

As an employee of Lund University, you are covered by various insurances, both on or on the way to your workplace, but also during business travels. 

Please note that the insurance rules are different for employees and scholarship holders. For more information about insurance rules for scholarship holders, follow the link in the right column.

 Coming to Sweden

If you are planning to stay for 366 days or longer in Sweden, you must apply to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) on arrival to be registered as a resident in Sweden (folkbokföring). Registration requires a permanent address in Sweden; you will receive a Swedish personal identity number (personnummer).

Employees who will not be registered as resident and employees waiting to be registered as resident 

Health care in Sweden

Before an employee has been registered as a resident and received a personal identity number:

Citizens of the EU/EEA and Switzerland must bring an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) in order to obtain subsidised health care (only paying patient fees (patientavgift).

If an individual does not have a valid EHIC, or comes from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland, emergency health care is automatically covered under the Insurance for foreign visitors' policy, which covers you and your family.

Read the terms of the policy at the Kammarkollegiet website (PDF, new tab)

This means that during this time you will receive emergency health care in Sweden free of charge. When you visit the health service, you should either pay or request an invoice for the cost, made out to you. The receipt/invoice and claim form (signed by your head of department) should then be sent to Kammarkollegiet.

Insurance for foreign visitors - Kammarkollegiet

Please note that Insurance for foreign visitors does not cover planned care, immunizations or maternity care.

If you have a valid Schengen visa (90 days), Insurance for foreign visitors also applies when travelling within the Schengen area.

You need to supplement your insurance cover with other private insurance policies, e.g. home insurance, please see below.

Once registered as a resident

Once an employee is registered as resident in Sweden, Insurance for foreign visitors ceases to apply. You will then receive full subsidised Swedish health care and only pay patient fees.

Occupational injury insurance

As a university employee, you are automatically insured against injury while at work and while travelling to and from work through the occupational injury insurance policy, AFA. If you are injured, contact the health and safety representative (skyddsombud) at your place of work.

Read more about occupational injury insurance

Business travel

On business trips, you are automatically covered by the University’s business travel insurance, Tjänsteresförsäkring. Take your insurance certificate (available from your department) with you when you travel.

Read more about business travel insurance

Read more about business travel

If your trip is not approved and funded by the University, the department should arrange individual travel insurance.

Read the terms of travel insurance at the Kammarkollegiet website (in Swedish)

Take your insurance certificate available from your department with you when you travel.

Life insurance

You also have an automatic life insurance policy which is paid out if you die.

Read more about life insurance and pensions

Private insurance

These work-related insurance policies only apply to you and not to your family. Make sure you take out private insurance policies, e.g. home insurance and travel insurance for private travels.

Non-European citizens or European citizens who do not have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can apply for an EHIC from Försäkringskassan for travel to another EU or EEA country or Switzerland:  

Apply for EHIC at the Försäkringkassan website


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