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About Ladok

Ladok is a computerised student registry, containing personal information about first, second and third cycle students. 

The student registry at Lund University contains information dating back no further than 1976. The different faculties introduced Ladok at various times. For more detailed information, see the document called "Vad finns i Ladok och från när?" (What is in Ladok, and from when?).

What is in Ladok, and from when?, in Swedish (PDF 84 kB, new window)

Log in to Ladok

Log in to Ladok at using your Lucat ID. The “Ladok portal for employees” linked to the previous version of Ladok is no longer available; instead, all LU employees will log in at the same place. Depending on your type of authorisation, you will be able to perform different tasks in Ladok.

Public information

As a government authority, Lund University falls under the Principle of Public Access to Official Records, so information in Ladok is generally public. It is, however, important that the information is disclosed in accordance with current regulations. All external requests for retrieving personal information from Ladok shall be directed to the Student Records Office, to ensure consistent treatment. 

New Ladok at Lund University

In 2018, a new version of Ladok, Ladok3, is introduced at Lund University, intended to facilitate and better support the study administration. Ladok3 will partly entail new working procedures which are more based on self-service. The procedures and recommendations may change with the new system. The Ladok group is currently reviewing its previous instructions and drawing up new ones. For updated news about Ladok3, subscribe to the blog “Ladok3 på LU” (in Swedish).

Interruption of service

The new Ladok is still under development and adding new features. Every other Thursday, between 05:30 and 09:00, Ladok will be updated, during which time you will not be able to access the system. The new Ladok is developed nationally within the framework of the Ladok consortium. This spring and autumn, more Swedish higher education institutions will be implementing the new Ladok and, in connection with this, there will be some interruptions of service. For more information about the interruptions, go to the Ladok3 blog.

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