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Business travel

On these pages you will find information about what things to consider before, during, and after your travel through work, including what travel agency to use, what documentation you need to bring with you, and how to be reimbursed once you have returned home.

Booking the trip

Read Lund University’s travel policy before booking your trip. The travel policy is available on the Rules and Regulations pages:

Rules and Regulations/Staff, in Swedish

Once your travel request has been approved by the relevant authority you can go ahead and book it via a travel agency that has an agreement with Lund University.

Read more about booking travel via a travel agency, and hotels and accommodation

FAQ - Travel Agency Agreement, in Swedish (PDF 454 kB, new window)

Lund University Guest House offers simple rooms at a modest price:

Read more about Lund University Guest House

Going by public transport, taxi or rental car?

Read more about modes of transportation

Things to consider before and while travelling

There are also some practical things to consider before travelling, such as vaccinations and travel visas.

More information on travel preparations from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Swedish)

Travel information from the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Swedish)

Download the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ travel app (in Swedish)

Kammarkollegiet’s advice on business travel (in Swedish)

Read more about business travel insurance

Apply for a charge card for making payments when travelling:

Charge cards

Your business trip may include making a presentation about Lund University. Presentation materials for you to use can be found here:

General presentation materials about Lund University

When you return home from travelling

When you have returned home from travelling you will need to submit a travel expense report and manage possible invoices and outlays.

Information about how to do a travel expense report, receive reimbursements and handle invoices

Video conferencing

Personal meetings are often important, but some meetings can be held via video conference. For example, follow-up meetings or intermediate business meetings in different forms of national and international collaborations.

Information about video conferences

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