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Remote work

There are a number of ways to facilitate working from home or other remote work. Eduroam is a wireless network open to University staff. Your email can be accessed via webmail.

Wireless network – Eduroam

This allows you to surf wirelessly from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. The network at Lund University is called Eduroam. How to connect to Eduroam depends on the device you are using.

See guides on how to use the wireless network Eduroam on various computers and mobile phones on the LU Support website

Webmail – email via your web browser

You can access and read your email from any computer that has a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari. Log in using your Lucat ID and password.

Log into webmail to access your email

Read more about webmail and email on the LDC website (in Swedish)

VPN – Virtual private network

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network" and is a technology to create a secure connection over the internet. By logging in via the VPN service, you can access internal resources at Lund University, for example Primula web, even if you are at home or on the move.

Log into services via VPN

Read more about VPN on the LDC website (in Swedish)

Virtual workplace – LU Desktop

Regardless of what computer you are using, through LU Desktop you can get access to:

  • All of your documents and other saved materials,
  • a large number of programs, and
  • your personal settings for all your programs.

Read more about LU Desktop on the LDC website (in Swedish)

Guest login for visitors to Lund University

There are currently two different wireless networks to which visitors can connect:

  • Eduroam

For a visitor to connect to Eduroam, an LU employee must first create a Temoprary User Account in Lucat. The login details for connection to Eduroam are automatically generated in Lucat and must be distributed to all temporary users. Further information on how to proceed is available in the Luvat support guides at LU Support.

  • LU Guest

The user selects "LU Guest" in the list of available netoworks on their computer or tablet. They will then be asked to enter their name and mobile phone number or email address. The login details will be sent to the user within a minute, allowing them to log in to LU Guest. The duration of the internet connections is limited to 24 hours.


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