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Account description, name and profile picture

To clarify Lund University’s social media presence it is important that LU is clearly indicated in names, images and presentation text.

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Profile pictures

Use Lund University’s main logotype, in Swedish or English, as the profile picture. The main logotype is recommended at all levels within the organisation and on all types of social media. The aim of the logotype in the profile picture is to show association with Lund University. The specific part of the organisation represented in the social media account is communicated by the user name, the full name and the cover picture, where applicable. Exceptions to the use of the logotype in the profile picture can be temporary accounts or events which are limited in time and associated with temporary campaigns/messages.

Using Lund University’s sub-logotypes as profile pictures is not recommended, as they become too small and are hard to decipher.

It is not recommended to use only the seal as the profile picture, whether whole or in part. This is because the seal, according to our graphic profile, is to be used as a stamp of quality. Alone on a profile picture, it is unclear that the seal belongs to Lund University.


Adding Lund University or LU to the name shows association, increases searchability and contributes to clarifying Lund University’s presence in social media.

  • In channels with sufficient space, we recommend writing Lunds universitet or Lund University in full after the main name, preceded by a comma – for example on Facebook and LinkedIn. Sample name: “Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University” or “Science at Lund University”.
  • In channels with limited space, create a short username which describes as clearly as possible which part of the University is represented. We recommend that you add LU to both the username and the full name (e.g. on Twitter). Use understroke or hyphen where spaces are not allowed. Sample username: Medfak_LU. Sample full name: Medicine LU. On Instagram, you add _LU to the username but write out Lunds universitet or Lund University on its own as your full name (appears as a "sub-heading" in searches and is visible when you enter the account).
  • Remember that if you want to reach an international target audience, you must give the account a name that you believe an English speaker would look for in the search engine. In that case, also write your entries in English.

Naming organisational units

A clear name is an important starting-point for ensuring that wider society instantly understands what the organisation does and its position as part of Lund University. 

Download Advice on naming organisational units at Lund University (PDF, 90 kB, new window)

Account description/presentation text/biography  

Different channels have different amounts of space for you to describe the purpose and owner of the account. You should include the following text, as far as possible:

  • What part of Lund University is responsible for the account and what is the purpose of the account?
  • Link to Lund University or the LU organisation’s website
  • Include Lunds universitet or Lund University early in the description 
  • Describe how comments are addressed
  • State that all posts on the page are public documents and may be filed

Example of presentation text

The example below was taken from Facebook where there is a lot of space – you will need to adapt the text to the respective channels:
“Lund University’s official Facebook page is a broad channel for those who want to follow what’s happening at the University. The page is managed by the University’s Corporate Communications division and is administered during office hours.

You are welcome to comment on our posts as well as post text and pictures on our page, but please avoid the following: 

  • offensive language
  • slander, threats or personal attacks
  • incitement of hatred, harassment or sexual harassment
  • spam and irrelevant advertising
  • offensive personal information
  • illegal material
  • copyrighted material published without permission

Our editorial staff review all posts and remove materials that do not comply with the guidelines above and/or violate Swedish law.
Lund University is a public authority. Please note that the posts on our site are public documents and may be filed.

If you would like to contact us, you can send a private message here on Facebook. For other contact details, see [link to website].”

Page Manager:


Anna Johnsson
Communications officer
Branding Office, Corporate Communications
anna_v [dot] johnsson [at] kommunikation [dot] lu [dot] se
+46 46 222 70 21

Telephone: +46 (0)46-222 00 00 (switchboard)
Mailing adress: Box 117, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Invoice adress: Box 188, 221 00 Lund, Sweden
Organisation number: 202100-3211

Site manager: staffpages [at] lu [dot] se

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