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Academic Support Centre (ASC)

At the Academic Support Centre (ASC), and its Swedish equivalent Studieverkstaden, we provide students with tools to improve their communication skills and study strategies. We offer free consultations, workshops and lectures at our facility and by request from a department or programme.

The Academic Support Centre is open to all students studying in English at Lund University and serves students regardless of their previous knowledge or ambition level. Feel free to inform your students about the ASC or contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.

At the ASC – consultations and workshops

The ASC helps students plan their studies and find better strategies for reading and writing. We also provide concrete feedback on all types of texts at all stages of the writing process. Students can call or email to schedule a free consultation or sign up for a workshop.

Our workshops are listed at:


Collaboration with departments – lectures, workshops and feedback during the academic writing process

Teaching staff and study advisers are welcome to contact us to discuss how we can collaborate.

Depending on your needs, our lectures and workshops can be either general, on study strategies, academic culture and academic writing, or more deeply focused on one aspect of these areas. Titles include:

  • Get Stuff from Your Brain to the Page: The Academic Writing Process
  • Argue Like an Academic: Elements of an Academic Argument
  • Does This Make Sense?! Creating Coherence and Cohesion in Your Text
  • From Paper to Presentation

We can create or customise the content if you as a lecturer or study adviser notice a particular need among your students.

In addition to lectures or workshops, collaborations can take other forms. For example, we have worked with LUMES to develop a peer writing tutor project for their first course (see link to co-authored book chapter for more info (coming soon!). For the three Master’s programmes at the Graduate School, we provide extra feedback on a written assignment in their first courses and develop a workshop based on the majority’s needs. If you are interested in something similar or have another idea, we are always interested in discussing and developing new support forms based on your needs.

We are happy to attend teaching staff meetings to talk about how we work with students and what we see as their greatest challenges and/or to discuss integrating ASC support into your courses.


Email us at english [dot] support [at] stu [dot] lu [dot] se to

  • request a lecture or workshop
  • initiate integrated support for your course 
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