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Authorisation in Ladok

In order to work in Ladok, you need to apply for authorisation in the system. This also applies to teaching staff who must report results and examiners who have to certify results in Ladok.

Apply in Lucat

You apply for authorisation via Lucat. Once you have submitted your application it must be approved by a Lucat manager. Normally, it is the head of the relevant department who is the manager; however, this can also be delegated to another person. Ask your Lucat administrator if you are uncertain of what applies in your organisation.

There are many different authorisations to apply for which are connected to different tasks.  Check which tasks you need to carry out to see which authorisation you should apply for. For department administrators it is normal to have several different authorisations. To be granted the correct authorisation you must also know within which organisation your authorisation should be placed. 

Apply within the right organisation

Programmes and courses are connected to different organisations. Usually this is at faculty or department level. If you are going to manage a particular programme or course you must therefore apply for authorisation at the correct level and in the correct organisation.

In some cases you must apply for the same authorisation but for several different organisations depending on which organisations the courses and programmes you manage are connected to.  

In Ladok, authorisations are passed down. This means if you have been authorised for a department comprising the relevant department’s cost centre and four divisions with their own cost centres, you will be granted authorisations for all five of these organisations. 

Lists of courses and programmes and the organisations they are connected to:

Which authorisation roles can you apply for?

Below is a list of the roles for which you can request authorisation. There are also special authorisations which are not applied for via Lucat. Read more about these under “Other authorisations”.

Course administrator

Description: For example, authorisation to handle registrations and reporting of results as well as preparatory administration of credits for course modules in a first or second cycle course.  

Target group: Programme administrators at departments and other administrative staff who primarily work with registrations and results from first and second cycle courses.  

Programme administrator

Description: Authorisation to manage administration of programmes such as approved leave from studies, restriction and management of course selections. 

Target group: Administrative staff that work with programmes and management of programmes, for example, programme administrators, study advisers and Master’s administrators. 

Certifying administrator

Description: Authorisation to manage preparatory administration of credits for a completed course or other qualifications (‘other specification’/optional text) as part of assessment.  

Target group: Administrative staff who work with the handling of credits. 

Third cycle studies administrator

Description: Authorisation to manage doctoral students including registrations, entering course participation and results, as well as activities and maintenance etc.

Target group: Administrative staff who work with the management of doctoral students, mainly at department level. 

Reporter of results

Description: Authorisation to submit documentation for results. Applies to first, second and third cycle studies. 

Target group: Teaching staff who directly report exam results in Ladok. 

Note on target group: This authorisation is mainly aimed at teaching staff who are only reporting results. If you are an administrator you should apply for authorisation as “course administrator” instead, as it provides you with authority to report results as well as providing you with other authorisations. 

Certifier of results

Description: Authorisation to approve/certify results, including awarding of credits for course modules. This applies to first, second and third cycle studies. 

Target group: Examiners who approve/certify results entered in Ladok. 

Certifier of credits

Description: Authorisation to decide on credits for an entire course or ‘other specification’/optional text as part of assessment. 

Target group: Decision makers who can approve credits. For example, this could be programme directors, lecturers with responsibility for programmes, the chair of the Education Board or study advisers. 

Reading authorisation 

Description: Authorisation to read information in Ladok at the personal level, including printing of certificates. This authorisation is applicable to everyone at Lund University; therefore, you do not need to specify an organisation. 

Target group: Staff who require output data from Ladok to be able to look at individual students. For example, it could be teaching staff who are not examiners/certifiers, study advisers, finance officers or reception staff.

On the other hand, those who need to apply for a different Ladok authorisation (authorisations listed above) do not need to apply for Reading Authorisation, because this is granted automatically if you are granted another authorisation. 

Other authorisations

Other authorisations not listed above will be entered in Ladok manually by the Student Records Office. For example, this applies to admissions administrators, examination administrators and administrators for incoming and outgoing exchange students.

All those concerned must apply for the authorisation “Reading Authorisation” in Lucat (provided you are not going to apply for another authorisation in Lucat (see exception above). The Student Records Office then adds the other authorisations. 

Requesting authorisations in Lucat

Log in to with your Lucat account (include “”). Go to ‘My page’ > ‘My entitlements’ click on ‘Request an entitlement’ (on the right). If you are both a student and an employee you must first choose the account the authority relates to, select your employee account.

Choose ‘IT service’ > Studieadministration > Ladok. Choose the authority you are applying for. Search for and add the organisations for which you are applying for authorities (applies to all authorities apart from Reading Authority which is applicable to everyone at LU), and click on “Request”. 

If you are going to apply for several authorisation roles you will have to repeat this step.


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