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For new employees

If you have just started working at Lund University, discover some of the most common things you might need to know about your new workplace here.

No Welcome Day for new employees in autumn 2024

Unfortunately, there will be no Welcome Day for new employees in autumn 2024. The next Welcome Day will take place in the first quarter of 2025. 

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As a new employee, you are to be given an introduction to your workplace. The responsibility for this rests with your line manager or another person he or she appoints. If you do not know who is responsible for your introduction, you can ask your manager.

Your manager is also to inform you of who is responsible for human resources issues in your workplace. You can turn to that person with any questions regarding issues such as health promotion or working hours.

Internal newsletter for all staff at Lund University

LU News is an internal newsletter intended for all staff at Lund University. The newsletter, published in English and Swedish, is distributed every two weeks via email. It features university-wide news and the University Management contributes on matters they would like to highlight.

LU-nytt/LU News | Staff Pages

Welcome days

The University organises welcome days for all the new employees at Lund University. The events are also offered in English.

Read more and register in Kompetensportalen

Unfortunately, there will be no Welcome Day for new employees in autumn 2024. The next Welcome Day will take place in the first quarter of 2025. 

Terms of employment 

Lund University is a public authority. As a public sector employee, you are covered by one of the public sector agreements on terms of employment:

  • Agreement on terms of employment between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and Seko
  • Agreement on terms of employment between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and OFR/S
  • Agreement on terms of employment (Villkorsavtal-T) between the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and Saco 

Much of the content of the various agreements is the same, but there are some differences. 

Even if you are not a member of an employee organisation (union), the employer has an obligation to apply the same rules to all their employees. 

In several cases, the agreements give the public authorities the possibility of signing local agreements which can be better adapted to the needs of the public authority. 

Most local agreements at Lund University regulate working hours. However, the vast majority of employees are covered by the flexitime agreement or by the agreement on working hours for teaching staff. 

You are welcome to enquire at your workplace about the agreements that cover your employment.

Salary payment, paying bank

Your salary is normally paid out on the 25th every month. You are responsible for providing your account details to the paying bank, which is Swedbank. When you start working, you must submit an "A Tax" registration certificate to the SSC salary services so that the correct amount of tax is deducted from your salary.

Read more about salary payment

Professional development

You can attend various internal training courses in order to develop in your professional role. Discuss this with your manager. Check the professional development portal (Kompetensportalen) to see what courses are available and to register.

Read more about professional development

Health promotion and work environment

As an employee at Lund University, you are entitled to health promotion benefits and a health promotion hour.

Read more about health promotion benefits

You, as an employee, are expected to contact your manager if you experience or observe any risks in the work environment. If you injure yourself during working hours, or if an incident occurs, you must report this to your line manager. In addition to your manager, your health and safety representative and the Occupational Health Service play an important part in ensuring you have a good work environment and preventing work-related illness.

Annual leave

As a public sector employee, you are entitled to paid annual leave as of your first year of employment. In order to take out full paid annual leave, you must have been employed for the whole year. This means that the number of days of annual leave to which you are entitled depends on the start date of your employment.

If your employment started before 1 September, you are entitled to at least five weeks’ annual leave. If your employment started after 1 September, you are entitled to at least one week of annual leave. 

The leave may be paid or unpaid depending on how many leave days you have accumulated during the year.

Read more about how to apply for annual leave, what rules apply and the number of days to which you are entitled

Your responsibility as a public sector employee

As an employee of Lund University, you also have an obligation to handle matters in a fair, objective and impartial manner.

Read more about working for a public authority

You are also responsible for keeping University documents in good order so that we can maintain the principle of free access to public records and preserve the documents for future generations.

Read more about registration of documents

Access card

You need an access card, known as an LU card, with a photograph in order to gain entry to University premises.

Read more about how to obtain an LU card 

Internal mailing codes, cost centres

To send a letter to someone via internal mail, you need to know the internal mailing code for the person or the organisation. This code refers to a physical mail room to which your letter will be sent. It is sometimes abbreviated to HS ("hämtställe" in Swedish).

The internal mailing code is indicated by a number, e.g. HS 31. You can find out which internal mailing code to use for a particular person in the employee directory database, Lucat. You can also see which internal mailing code someone has by using the search field here on the staff pages.

Read more about internal mail here

In order to do certain things, like book premises or buy something on invoice, you need to know the cost centre of your organisation. This is a six-figure code. Ask your manager what your cost centre is.

Graphic profile, logo, templates

It is important that you apply the graphic profile to any material produced on behalf of the University, whether printed or digital, both within and outside the University. The aim is to generate recognition and clarity and to reinforce the Lund University brand.

Read more about how to work with the graphic profile, download logos, fonts and templates for Word, Powerpoint, Indesign and Photoshop

Welcome to Lund University!

The University is a public authority and our task is to research, educate and convey knowledge. Working as a public authority employee means that you contribute to societal benefits for all those living, visiting and working in Sweden.

Most work within a public authority places high requirements on expertise, education and experience. As a staff member, you are one of our most important resources in enabling us to reach our goal of being a world-class university.


Contact your line manager or the HR function at your organisational unit if you have any questions concerning employment or your organisational unit’s procedures for HR matters.

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