Internal training courses

Do you want to develop your skills? Lund University offers a wide range of internal training courses.

The courses are intended both for new employees and for those who have worked at the University for a long time. You can discuss professional development and what courses you would like to apply for at your appraisal with your line manager.

Range of courses

You will find a wide range of internal training courses in Kompetensportalen. The courses provide useful skills for employees. You have a personal page on Kompetensportalen with an overview of your ongoing and upcoming courses. It is possible to print out a list of all the courses you have applied for on the portal.

Remember to check with your line manager before applying for a course.

Search and apply for courses in Kompetensportalen

Courses for managers and leaders

If you are a manager or hope to become a manager, there are a number of different courses, depending on whether you are new in the role or more experienced.

There is a recommended course package for new heads of department.

More information about courses for managers and leaders

Search and apply for courses in Kompetensportalen

Compulsory courses

There are certain compulsory courses that must be taken to gain authorisation for specific administrative systems. These are tagged with the category systembehörighet in Kompetensportalen. 

Search and apply for courses in Kompetensportalen

Training in higher education teaching and learning

Courses in higher education teaching and learning are intended for those who teach Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD students. Courses are offered by the faculties and at central level.

View courses in on the Higher Education Development (AHU) website

IT courses

The University does not offer its own IT courses. Talk to your manager and look at the agreements the University has with different suppliers.

Find agreements in Lupin (purchasing and invoicing system)

LDC’s online support guides for common computer programs on


Most courses that are offered are free of charge. Certain courses and programmes that are not free are paid for by your department/equivalent. Remember to consult your line manager before you apply.


Please contact your line manager or the human resources officer within your department/faculty or equivalent.