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Alumni Relations

Alumni are important ambassadors for education at Lund University as well as a source of valuable information that is an asset for the University’s quality assurance system.

Alumni can be active in ways such as participating in alumni surveys and alumni events, holding guest lectures or giving students guidance via mentorship programmes. Alumni activities differ between the University’s faculties and various centres, and if you need guidance you are welcome to contact the university-wide Alumni Office.

Read more about alumni surveys as a part of quality management at Lund University

Central alumni organisation – the Alumni Network 

Central alumni relations are coordinated by External Relations and aim to provide a basic range of services to all the University’s alumni as well as offer support and inspiration for alumni activities in faculties, departments and programmes. Alumni do not automatically become members of the Alumni Network. They need to register and agree to the membership terms and conditions. Former students and employees are welcome to become members.

The Alumni Database

Lund University’s Alumni Network currently has nearly 40 000 members. The alumni database is a shared procured system for the whole of Lund University and is recommended for the management of local alumni networks at each faculty. The database is administered by the Alumni Office at External Relations.

If you are involved in alumni relations and would like access to the alumni database, you need to obtain an administrator account and take a short course. Contact the Alumni Office for more information. 

The Alumni Office can also provide help with:

  • Details of alumni from specific programmes and degrees 
  • Advice and support for starting alumni activities in programmes, departments, etc.
  • Tips, help and courses as support for work within alumni relations e.g. organising events 
  • Information dissemination via the University’s communication channels
  • Information material for students and alumni (e.g. postcards, bookmarks, posters, brochures)

Log in to the Alumni Network 

FAQs about the Alumni Network

Read the membership terms and conditions

Alumni newsletter, Lundensaren

All members of the Alumni Network receive the quarterly alumni e-newsletter Lundensaren, which features news about current research, education, alumni activities, and more.

Read more about the alumni newsletter, Lundensaren

National and international alumni events 

The university-wide alumni relations team arranges several national and international events for the University’s alumni.

Read more about international alumni events in 2019 

Read more about alumni events in Sweden 2019 (in Swedish)

Networks and professional development

Internal networks for exchange of experience 

If you are involved or interested in alumni relations, you can join the internal network for staff at Lund University. The network meets about twice per semester to share information and exchange their experience. To add your contact details to the mailing list, please contact the Alumni Office.

External networks and conferences

There are several conferences and networks that can be useful for those involved in alumni matters. 

CASE Europe Annual Conference
CASE is an American organisation with a European division that organises an annual conference, usually in August. The conference is intended for staff within alumni relations, fundraising, marketing and communications. The CASE website contains a lot of material about working within alumni relations. Lund University is a member of CASE, which means that LU staff has access to this material and discounts on conferences.

Read more about the CASE Europe Annual Conference 

CASE Nordic Summit
This conference is also organised by CASE, but is mainly aimed at Nordic universities. 

Read more about the CASE Nordic Summit 


The European Association for International Education (EAIE) is an organisation that promotes international education. It arranges an annual conference, several courses and has various expert groups. One expert group focuses on alumni relations. 

Read more about EAIE’s expert group Alumni Relations

National conferences and exchange of experience

There is a national network of Swedish higher education institutions that organises an annual meeting for exchange of experience. Please contact the Alumni Office for more information.

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