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Waste, hazardous waste and recycling

Here you will find information on the management of waste and hazardous waste. Waste must be handled in terms of health and environmentally friendly way, so that recycling is promoted and so the risk of injury does not arise.

Waste management handbook

The University’s waste management handbook provides information and instructions on how to handle various types of waste produced within Lund University:

Lund University Waste Management Handbook (pdf 1,5 MB – New window)

Remember that the instructions in the waste management handbook may need to be complemented with local information, e.g. where different types of waste are to be sorted at your workplace, where to find packaging materials for hazardous waste, the location of rooms for waste sorting or hazardous waste, who is responsible for waste management at your workplace, etc.

Recycling guides

These recycling guides can be printed out and displayed in appropriate locations:

Recycling guide, General (PDF 1,56 MB, new window)

Recycling guide, Office (PDF 464 kB, new window)

Recycling guide, Kitchen (PDF 256 kB, new window)

Collection of paper, cardboard and bulky/e-waste

Here are maps and contact persons for all the locations from which Ragn-Sells collects paper, cardboard and bulky waste (scheduled) in Lund.

Map and contact persons – Paper and cardboard, in Swedish (PDF 347 kB, new window)

Map and contact persons – Bulky items/e-waste, in Swedish (PDF 325 kB, new window)

Here is a timetable for collection of paper and cardboard, as well as bulky items, in Lund.

Timetable for the collection of paper and cardboard, in Swedish (PDF 37 kB, new window)

Timetable for the collection of bulky items/e-waste, in Swedish (PDF 362 kB, new window)

If you need to order an extra pickup, contact Ragn-Sells’s customer service:

Your department/division will pay for extra pickups of bulky items/e-waste.

Pickup of confidential papers is to be requested from RagnSells and is paid for by the department/division.

Waste sorting units

The University has a contract with Bröderna Perssons Specialsnickerier AB, which is available in Lupin. The document below contains examples of standard modules for constructing waste sorting units. The contact details in the document are no longer current, so please contact avfall [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se instead.

Information about the local framework agreement with Bröderna Perssons Specialsnickerier AB concerning waste management stations/waste sorting units, in Swedish (PDF 405 kB, new window)

Waste sorting decals

The University has waste sorting decals with which to label furniture and containers. Order them from Media-Tryck: media-tryck [at] service [dot] lu [dot] se or +46 46 222 91 76. All decals are available in three versions, each of which exists in three sizes. See what they look like in the PDF below.

Decals for waste sorting (PDF 153 kB, new window)

So far, there are decals for the most common types of waste that are generated in lunch rooms, kitchenettes, cafés and foyers. However, there are plans to produce decals for more types of waste.

In the same series, you can also order a smoke-free zone sign. See what it looks like in the PDF below.

Smoke-free zone sign (PDF 553 kB, new window)

Removal of chemical and low-level radioactive waste

Order removal of chemical and low-level radioactive waste from Sysav using the form below.

Removal of chemical waste and low-level radioactive waste (Word 86,5 kB, new window)

Removal of sharp/pointed infectious waste and biological waste

Contact Sysav at:

  • OrderTotal [at] sysav [dot] se, or
  • +46 40 635 18 80

When dealing with the removal of infectious waste, please complete an item declaration form:

Item declaration form for infectious waste, in Swedish (PDF 151 kB, new window)

Labels for hazardous waste

Here you will find labels for certain types of hazardous waste.

Chemical waste (png 11 kB, new window)

Low-level radioactive waste, in Swedish, (png 159 kB, new window)

Liquid scintillation solution (in Swedish (PDF 22 kB, new window)

Safety advisor for the transport of hazardous material

Sysav is appointed as the University’s safety advisor for the transport of hazardous material. Please contact the safety advisor when you need to send something that you know or believe to be classed as a hazardous material, to ensure that all rules are followed. This applies not only to waste, but also to items such as samples.

Safety advisor for the transport of hazardous material
Per Malmquist, chemist, Sysav Industri AB
per [dot] malmquist [at] sysav [dot] se
+46 40 635 19 02

Page Manager:


Your primary contact is your caretaker’s office, service group or equivalent for questions on waste management at your workplace.

Maria Nilsson
Environmental coordinator
+46 46 222 70 82
avfall [at] bygg [dot] lu [dot] se

Waste Management Handbook

Waste Management Handbook

Contact Chemical Waste

Sysav Industri AB
Martin Andersson
+46 40 635 19 03
martin [dot] andersson [at] sysav [dot] se

Contact radioactive waste

Hanna Holstein
Radiation physicist
+46 46 222 01 93
hanna [dot] holstein [at] med [dot] lu [dot] se

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