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Information for data subjects


When you process personal data, you need to inform the data subject (your target group/s) about the processing regardless of whether consent or another legal basis applies. To assist you, there are checklists that contain the information you are obliged to give the data subject. 

Checklists as a mean for information 

Who are the checklists for?

The following checklists are intended for use by staff and students at Lund University who are collecting and processing personal data.

Checklist A is intended for use when personal data is collected directly from the data subject

 Checklist A (PDF, 33 kB)

Checklist B is intended for use when personal data is collected from a source other than the data subject

Checklist B  (PDF, 33 kB)

What are the checklists for?

The checklists are helpful tools for you when you need to write information for your data subject on how you are processing their personal information. It is also for ensuring that Lund University follows the pertinent legislation. They contain information which the University, according to articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR, is obliged to provide to the data subject.

How to use the checklists

Use the check lists as support for compiling information for the data subject concerning Lund University’s processing of their personal data. Remember:

  • The information is to be provided to the data subject before or at the latest at the time of the collection of the personal data. 
  • The data subject is to be informed regardless of the legal basis for processing the  personal data.
  • The information is to be provided in writing to the data subject. This is so unless the data subject has requested that it be provided orally.

Examples of data subjects that Lund University has an obligation to inform:

  • external subscribers to mail-outs (newsletters, information letters and similar)
  • external participants at events for which registration is required by name and including details such as food allergies
  • applicants for vacancies announced by Lund University
  • external partners (invited visiting lecturers)
  • prospective students (for example information mail-outs about Lund University)
  • recipients of external invoices
  • scholarship recipients


Lund University has an external Data Protection Officer; Secure State Cyber AB and the contact person at Secure State Cyber AB is Sanja Hebib.

Do you have questions regarding data protection - please contact:

dataskyddsombud [at] lu [dot] se (dataskyddsombud[at]lu[dot]se)