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Here you can find information about annual leave and how to apply for it.

The Swedish Annual Leave Act primarily aims to provide all employees with the opportunity for paid leave for rest and recreation. All employees in Sweden have the right to 25 days, i.e. five weeks of annual leave. As a public sector employee, through collective agreements, you have more than 25 days of annual leave as well as being entitled to paid annual leave as of your first year of employment. In order to take out full paid annual leave, you must have been employed for the whole year. Remember that you can only take leave for whole days.

The number of days of annual leave you have is determined by your age:

  • 28 days up to and including the year you turn 29.
  • 31 days from the year you turn 30.
  • 35 days from the year you turn 40.

You should ideally use your entire annual leave during the year, but if you are entitled to more than 20 paid days of annual leave then you can save one or more of those remaining days for a later calendar year. You must therefore take out at least 20 days of annual leave during the year.

Your manager will, as far as possible, plan so you can take your leave in a single block between June and August. This is often referred to as your main annual leave.

It is possible to carry over any remaining days to use for a longer period of leave another year, though you can only accumulate a maximum of 30 saved days. If, on 1 January 2018, you had more than 30 saved days, the days in excess of 30 can be taken out over a five-year period until 31 December 2022. If you wish to take out saved days in conjunction with your main annual leave you are to apply for this in connection with the leave planning for the year.

All leave is to be approved in advance by your manager.

During your annual leave you will receive a leave allowance in addition to your ordinary salary. If you take out a whole month of annual leave you will receive an annual leave allowance of approximately 10 per cent of your monthly salary.

Apply for leave

Apply for annual leave in good time, following the procedures in place at your workplace. Also, remember to apply for any parental leave well in advance of main annual leave.  

If you wish to take out your saved days in conjunction with your main annual leave it is important you talk with your manager and apply for this in good time. An extended period of leave may need to be planned differently to only a few days.

The earlier you talk to your manager the greater the chance of having your request approved.

Your annual leave for the year must be taken before you can request to use your saved days.

Apply for annual leave in Primula

Annual leave for teaching staff

As a member of teaching staff, according to the working hours agreement for teaching staff, you do not need to apply for leave. All of your annual leave is scheduled automatically from the Monday after Midsummer.   

You can find the LU definition of teaching staff in the Lund University Appointment Rules.

Read the Lund University Appointment Rules (PDF 130 kB, new tab)

You may reach an agreement with your manager to take out all or some of your annual leave at another time. If you wish to do this, you must inform your manager no later than ten working days before your intended annual leave period, and by 30 April at the latest.

You can read more on how to do this in råd och anvisningar till arbetstidsavtalet för lärare 10 § Semesterns förläggning (in Swedish).

Råd och anvisningar till lokalt avtal om arbetstid för lärare (in Swedish) (PDF 954 kB, new tab)

If you have reached an agreement with your manager to take annual leave at another time, you apply for this in Primula.

Apply for annual leave at another time in Primula

Annual leave for doctoral students

Both from a work environment perspective and from an operational perspective, it is important that doctoral students take all of their annual leave, preferably after Midsummer, when annual leave is ordinarily scheduled for teaching staff.

As a doctoral student, you apply for annual leave in accordance with the procedures in place at your workplace.

Remember to talk to your manager before applying for leave.

Apply for annual leave in Primula


Please contact your line manager or the human resources officer within your department/faculty or equivalent.

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