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The investigation of disciplinary matters

If you are reporting a suspected disciplinary offence, here you can learn more about the various stages of the investigation. You will also find out who the members of the Disciplinary Board at Lund University are.

The investigation

When a suspected disciplinary offence has been reported, the Vice-Chancellor has the Legal Division at the Legal and Record Management section to investigate the matter. During the early stages of the investigation, the Legal Division lets the student read the report and any appendices, and gives the student the opportunity to present their views with regard to the suspicion in the report. This usually takes place in the form of a written statement. Any additional material in the report, for example any additional information from the person who has reported the matter or from others, will be shared with the reported student. He or she will then be given an opportunity to respond to the added material or information. Depending on what information is given by the reported student, the statement may then be sent to the person who filed the report for further comments. Other involved parties, such as students, invigilators, teaching staff, etc., may be questioned throughout the investigation.

The Vice-Chancellor may subsequently decide that the matter is to be dismissed without further action, or that the student is to be issued with a warning. A third option is to take the matter to the Disciplinary Board. At Lund University, most matters are referred to the Disciplinary Board.

If the matter is referred to the Disciplinary Board, the student shall be given the opportunity to address the board directly. The board will therefore hold a meeting to which the student is summoned. The meeting is most often held digitally, via Zoom. The person who made the report, or other department staff familiar with the matter at hand, will also be summoned to this meeting. 

The meeting with the Disciplinary Board is usually the final stage in the investigation of a disciplinary matter. At the meeting, the report and other documents pertaining to the case are presented. This is followed by statements by the student and a department representative.

At the meeting, the board has an opportunity to ask questions to both the student and the representative from the department. The board can come to a decision in direct connection to the meeting. In that case, the board will announce the decision orally after internal discussions. A decision can also be made at a later time and is then announces in a written decision. If the decision is announced orally in connection to the meeting, it will also be sent to the student in written form, after the meeting.

The Disciplinary Board at Lund University:

The current members of the Disciplinary Board at Lund University are:

Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor of Lund University Lena Eskilsson
Deputy chair: Deputy Vice Chancellor Jimmie Kristensson

Legally qualified member: former Chief Judge, District Court, Bengt Olsson
Substitute: Senior Judge, Head of Division, District Court, Anna Täcklind

Teaching staff representative: Professor Elisabet Londos
Substitute: Professor Knut Deppert

Student representatives: Erik Nordlund and Mattias Morén
Substitutes: Johanns Kaspersson and Lehman Benson

Rapporteur and secretary: Legal counsel Sofia Eilertsson Olsson and Legal counsel Johanna Alhem, Legal and Record Management Division/Legal Division.

To make a report please click on the relevant link below to open up a report form: 

Report on suspected cheating:

Report on suspected disruption or obstruction of teaching:

Report on suspected harassment:

Please note that you cannot download or save a report form to fill out at a later date and furthermore please note that some of the boxes are mandatory to fill out. 


For questions about the process in disciplinary matters, please send these to:

disciplin [at] lu [dot] se (disciplin[at]lu[dot]se)